Unbelivable incaring jobsworthy b*stards

Can anyone make any sense of this?

My son was recently brought back on companionate leave (My mother was taken seriously ill into hospital) a week before he was due to leave the Army. Because he has a few days leave spare, he was allowed to come home.

However, today he received a phone call from his boss asking him where he was.

Because some wires were crossed back at his unit, they thought he was due back today (the leave being brought forward, rather than extended), and expect him to fly back to Germany at his own expense to work tomorrow and Thursday, so he can fly back to UK again for resettlement training on Friday.

Although he does have leave to cover this period, he has had this leave turned down after calling half his unit, with his superiors (and I use that word with a touch of humour) passing him around different departments, nobody seeming to want to take responsibility.

We were due to look at nursing homes for my Mother tomorrow, as she has now become too weak to be independent, but now I have to go around by myself at this very difficult time.

Is the Army full of cold blooded b*stards, or is it because he is leaving he now becomes something to mess around?
I'm really sorry about that. If thats how it all happened its a shame. Not everyone is like that in the Army.
can he not contact welfare officer? or padre? it may all be a series of misunderstandings - hopefully
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