something unbelievable just happened to me on my way back to the office after lunch..

i need to put this in the context of having had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch with the boss as an xmas thing..

the firm that has its office next door to mine had three trampy, soap dodging protestors outside it on the pavement

anyway, it appears they were anti-war protestors and they must have been picketing this office in particular because the company has some connection with the war in some way (reconstruction contracts properly)

they had banners up about exploitation and bloodshed etc etc and when i (politely) declined to take one of their grubby leaflets (mostly because i had my hands full of shopping bags) one of them started yelling at me for "being oblivious to the pain our country inflicts"..

normally i would NEVER react to this because everyone's entitled to an opinion but both my husband and my brother in law have served/are serving in Iraq and frankly, I wasn't in the mood.

I told her my family connections and that i didn't think they were intentionally trying to exploit anyone and she told me..and i quote "you are responsible along with them"

fecking hell- i know i shouldn;t have said anything but i've never had a total stranger make me feel quite so angry before...

merry bloody xmas!
Well if your shopping bags were made of a sturdy design and carrying something heavy then you should have used them to good effect and bashed some sense into them!

Best wishes to your serving relatives!
cheetarah said:
having had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch with the boss as an xmas thing..

Don't let them get to you, go back and finish the bottle :D

Edited to add: Then after that open another! :wink:


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TheBigUn said:
cheetarah said:
having had a couple of glasses of wine at lunch with the boss as an xmas thing..

Don't let them get to you, go back and finish the bottle :D

Then use the empty bottle on the soap dogers. I leave it entirely to your imagination exactly what you do with the bottle.
The world is full of opinionated and ill-informed knobs. Ignore them and be happy in the fact that your kin are doing something worthwhile. Merry Xmas!
It's hard to argue the toss with someone who's a full-time tosser.


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The worst bit is it's us, the military, that enevitably protects the Human rights and Freedoms that lets them stand there and wind you up.

Would love to see some of these people out on the streets of the places they are trying to protest about. Think you may find them under a pile of brick or torn limb from limb.

cheetarah you are responsible and so is your family, however believe me that's a good thing. The world would be a sadder place if it wasn't for the humble squaddie willing to do so much for those that appreciate so little.


The solution is simple. Tell her you have never thought of things like that, that she has opened your eyes to the heinous crimes and pain that this country has inflicted to others around the world. Then tell her that you have many, many friends who feel the same way and you would like her to meet them, so that they too can see the light.

Then pile her into your car, chat merrily for a while and then drop her off towards dusk on a street corner, while you go to get your friends who are so very eager to meet her.

Then simply disappear and hope she doesn't recognise Ipswich.


cheers all. feel a bit better now i have vented my spleen..

there's nothing for it but to go back on the lash after work...and have a drink on behalf of all those serving- especially my family!

maybe i will start my own protest about dreadlocked, foul smelling wasters being allowed to assault members of the public with their home made banners (including spelling mistake i hasten to add) and their handwritten (in biro and non-joined up) leaflets..


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