Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tazz, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. Heard this on the news this morning. How much would I get if I owned up that it wasn't just the chair? She's on the planet Zanussi.
  2. my boss called me a thick-cnut yesterday.....

    ....do you think i should sue?
  3. FFS, get a grip on life. Can I sue Heinz now, 'cos their beans make me fart? It's not as if it did her any real harm - I bet the kids thought it was a hoot (pun intended!!)
  4. Another wah?

    If this succeeds the country really is going down the swanny big style (as if we didn't already know). If I had a chair that made flatulent sounds when I sat down I would (a) be mildly amused, (b) steal a chair from the school dining hall where there must be hundreds of them. It certainly wouldn't leave me psycologically damaged - if it upset me that much I might bring a chair from home. Noway would I have the arrogance to think my 'distress' was worth £1M. Not as if she is in a highly skilled job is it? I mean teachers with 3rd class degrees are ten a penny.

    Thought: If this lady is so emotionally unstable that the sound of a chair distresses her is she fit to be a teacher? Answer NO!
  5. Im insanely naive so perhaps someone could help me out. Why does the embarrasment amount to the equiviliant of one million? Why is it that in cases such as this the money wanted in compensation seems to be enough to set the 'victim' for life?

    My parents gave me an embarrasing name, can I sue them?
  6. Only if he wasn't being entirely accurate :)

    The headmaster of this parasitical mongoloid is defending the action rather than giving in. He states that he expected her, as a deputy headmaster, to have the wit and initiative to get a new chair herself. When a batch of new chairs arrived, they were placed in the staff area for a week to be claimed by anyone who needed it before being allocated.

    A stupid, stupid b1tch. It is a pitty that this is going to a tribunal rather than court: she should be shot for wasting the Court's time with this vexacious cr@p, and any lawyer who stood on her side should be barred for ever (well two weeks and then shot).
  7. Depends if it's true but then if it is, he's suppressing your Human Rights to live and work as a thick cnut so sue the fcuker anyway. Perhaps he's a think cnut as well but hasn't come out the closet yet but still sue him. Try Ikea they might have the farting chairs and then sue the fcuker anyway
  8. And sue Ikea
  9. How does somebody with so little initiative and common sense rise to that postion? she should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. No wonder the calibre of our school leavers is so low when they've spent their most formative years being influenced by fcuk-wits like her.
  10. So a farting chair is sexist! Is that because women like to believe that they never fart? She's an oxygen thief of the highest order :evil:
  11. The small bins in hotel bathrooms are for women's farts, they come out ready packaged for hygenic disposal.

  12. Whats the betting she's a whinner naturaly?
  13. She's on £48.000 per year..why didn't she just buy a new one herself? cheap enough