Discussion in 'Sappers' started by asr1, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Here is the new 8 Force Engr Bde flash. I don't know who made it, but he must have been smoking crack at the time. The cross is a particularly weak thought, as I am sure the padre may have some issues with his protective emblem and his religious symbology being abused in this way. The shield combined with the cross seems to suggest a crusade- particularly helpful in this time of very sensitive inter-cultural unease.

    I genuinely despair when I think that some fool has suggested this sh1te and his master has approved it. This is simply pathetic.

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  2. Agreed. Absolute crap. There must be some sort of reasoning behind it though. Makes you wonder whether there's some obscure historical reference they're trying to draw but it has gone way off beam. Any ideas anyone?
  3. A cross and a shield. "Off on a Crusade then", thinks Johnny Arab.

    I can imagine the dress committee all toasting each other over this one. "Doubles all round".
    Wonder if it was that idiot chopper "Corps" RSM who decided that RE EOD should wear an ATO badge on our right arms.......

    What numpties.
  4. I'm currently sewing one on each lapel, in order to get free wine, bread and fishes. It is only a matter of time before we are all told to unpick them and sew the old CCF shoulder flashes back on.
  5. You will be wearing a picture of King Richard the Lionheart next............................................... or playing in the woods with Robin Hood and his men in tights.

  6. Men in tights, wouldnt be a first for these fcukers anyway taz, chain mail anyone?
  7. Padre's building bridges..... :lol:
  8. Thought the Jackson Club would get their stamp on something!!!!
  9. If the coloured version is a yellow cross on a blue shield the it goes back to the old 8th Army flash from WW2.
  10. staaken's right, it's the crusades all over again! Now taken bets for when we're going to kick off with the turks

    "And God said, love thy neighbour as you love thyself. Unless he's turkish, in which case kill the b**stard!!"
  11. makes sense since, Blair said "god told me to do it!"
  12. god? Is that what His Tonyness is calling Bush these days? :lol:
  13. Suppose he loves anyone who'll give him a tummy rub!
  14. yep, and give him a nice cup of milky tea about six o'clock and he wont bother you again unless his potty needs changing!
  15. yep, and give him a nice cup of milky tea about six o'clock and he wont bother you again unless his potty needs changing!