Unbelievable! Theyll be taking soldiers weapons next!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Squiddly, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Unbelievable!

    "Firefighters in Sheffield have been banned from speeding to emergencies with blue lights flashing and sirens blaring ... because it is too risky."

    I heard this on the news and I thought "This has got to be a wind up, surely" This is absolutely insane! I'd be crying with laughter, if I wasn't practically apopleptic already! There's nothing more I can really say as my head isn't anywhere near the ground after hearing this! This is absolutely insane!!!
    I can't believe how incredibly blinkered and absolutely bleeding insane this health and safety shite is getting! It is absolutely un-fcuking-believable!! Where is this going to end?!

    Cars have to have square wheels because it's too easy for cars with round ones to roll down hills if the brakes fail?!

    Soldiers having their weapons confiscated because someone might get killed?"

    Aircraft to have their engines removed because they catch fire and might suck in birds?

    Pavements to be outlawed because people trip up on them!?

    Oh my GOD who the HELL is running this CUNTry*!!! 8O 8O 8O

    Sorry for the wobbly post - a bit non-compost-mentis at the minute 8O 8O 8O 8O

    *Like a democracy, but one where the people in power are CNUTS!!!
  2. I read good one to day in "the scum". After the fag ban comes in next month. You have to not smoke for a hour and open your windows if your house is going to be visited by a council bod.This country is getting dafter by the day.
  3. This's Sheffield mate, if my house was being visited by a council bod, I'd set the ferking dobermans on 'em!!!
  4. maybe police dont need to blue light and siren when a women reports being raped, because they have already been raped...

    or an ambulance to no to blue light and siren to somone jumping of a building, because they will be dead...

    or no light as they will make the neons on autochav wont be seen? or no siren cos their music will not be heard by everyone? or no speeding cos the chavs might want a race?

    just another examply of the nanny life we are living
  5. Surely a wind up, what's the date today?


    Ah. Fcuking ridiculous then.
  6. Edited because i did not see link at the top :oops: I cant belive it!!!
  7. And they wonder why people are emigrating . . .
  8. I did Op Fresco in Sheffield Manor top the other year and it isnt the best place to advertise your coming anyway. The Chav scum set up ambushes to lob bricks at the fire crews and police had to go in advance to make sure that the lads werent being set up. From what the civvy fire crews told us its the norm there and every call out is like being in Beirut.
  9. I've only ever seen our fire lads attend a couple of callouts locally, but there wasn't any trouble at either occasion...
    ...why people pelt fire crews with stones etc is beyond me. What's the fcuking point? They're prolly the second least deserving of that kinda treatment.
  10. That sounds like a pretty good idea - I reckon you could get by with only one rifle in three, with preference to those on ops...

    If true it's ridiculous news. Those miffed at the smoking ban - get the fcuk over it. It's a dirty habit, it hits our health far more than any other "social activity" (bar drink driving?) and why should any officials request that they enter a relatively smoke-free house for their own health?

    People wail and knash their teeth at a Nanny State when it goes against what they want, yet simultaneously complain that the state does not do enough.

    That's not to say that the story, if true, isn't completely pish and they need to get a grip
  11. Looks like what hit the police at the start of the year has hit the fire service also, don't go thinking that the police are aloud to speed to someone breakingg into your house anymore, all thats gone, they keep to the speed limit like everyone else.
  12. Not here they don't - I rarely see one of their Focuses going less than 50mph. Then again Norfolk always was a few years (decades?) behind everyone else
  13. I was told not to have the Blues an sirens on in Iraq as it would create panic !? ? work that one out?? MTWO read somwhere about crashes being caused by flashing lights an loud noises.

    As for the smoking ban...good idea..Smokers cost the NHS over £5 billion a year on treatment for diseases caused by smoking. £5 fooking Billion.... almost a quarter of what the MOD get for the defence budget.

    Youve all seen "Enemy at the gates" "The first man has the rifle..the second man has the ammunition...when the first man dies..pick up his rifle and carry on" or word to that effect!!
  14. Unless of course the man in charge of the switch to the flashing blue light needs to get to the local indian takeaway quickly, in which case, let there be lights !
  15. Ah Fuk it, there goes my new job up in smoke and I've been practising for years as well.

    Oh well for one last time, here goes.