Unbelievable Blair!

Heard this a few weeks ago on the radio, it made me literally spit out my coffee with laughter when I heard it.

Tony Blair was being interviewed and one of the questions was, what would he think if one of his sons turned round and said that he wanted to serve in Iraq. Tony Blair answered that he'd be delighted.

Yes, thats right..Tony Blair said hed be delighted if one of his children was in the Forces and was going to serve in Iraq.

I thought I imagined it, until I read it on teletext later that day.

The mans a great actor, I'll give him that.
Yeah, he wouldn't even let his youngest have the MMR jab his government was telling us all was quite safe..allegedly.

But if he had been given it, you know he would have shouted it from the rooftops!

The Royals know their duty, Harry's going, so come on Euan, put the Green Skin on and show us what the Blairs are made of!!!

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