Unauthorised testing on enlistment

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by hslowe, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Ive just found out that when i enlisted back in 1997 and went to phase one i was tested for hiv. I remember have some innoculations upon enlistment but i dont remember having my bloods taken. Does anyone know if this is true or of the army do screen for hiv on enlistment. Ive tried my lines of command but cannnot get an answer
  2. They have been screening bloods for HIV since '95. It's a very sensible tri-service practice. Trying phoning the Med Centre. Why are you worried ? Have you had a big black ebony truncheon up your gary glitter ?
  3. No. I just thought they needed permisision. i was under 18 when i enlisted and thought they needed my parents consent.
  4. So does that mean you can smell a bit of compo?

    "Ooooo, the big nasty army men tested me for HIV and now I want some money out of em"
  5. No actually. But it shows your mentality. I was making a genuine post as it has come up in the past with people being tested underage without parents consent or knowledge. I have nothing to worry about nor am i gay so keep you homophobic opinions to yourself. At the end of the day we all have a right to serve for our country regardless of our sexual orientation, race or sex. Comments like yours gives the military a bad name
  6. And quite how do they do that then?
  7. well firstly the display of mentallity shown was uncalled for. Insinuating that from a question that i asked which was genuine and did not warrant a low and insulting reply that i was seeking some form of compo for not being informed of being tested for hiv upon enlistment. i think it was a geniune subject, i did not ask for sterio typical remarks from under educated pricks. Who main outlook in life has no higher gain than a chimp ating its own shite. And the picture posted on the message is completely degrading and insulting which further display his/her mentallity
  8. You will proberbly find that if you did join below tha age of 18 and your parents\guardians signed you away then the one sig covered everything. After all, they didn't sign to allow you to take part in weapons handling and again for CS chambers did they?
  9. you are the one being homophobic suggesting only gay men can be at risk of becoming HIV positive - you can't really be that ignorant
  10. where in my comment do i say only gay men get hiv. ignorance comes from people posting remarks that put the army into disripute.
  11. Good point, Poppy. In fact, most HIV infection occurs amongst heterosexuals, don'cherkno.

    In an NHS aminal hostipal then permission is usually sought to obtain an HIV test, you are correct, unless circumstances dictate otherwise. You'd have to ask someone in civmed for the specific caveats.

    However, like a great many illnesses, the MOD are, were and forever shall be within their rights to test for them as part of a standard screening process. I'm willing to bet they didn't detail to you everything they were going to work you over for, nor, I suspect, did you ask. Like most people, you probably just wanted a rifle and directions to the nearest bar. :D
  12. Northern Biffer, I bet you are cacking it.

    Joined in 1997, and spells like he was born then. Nice one.
  13. Getting a little tooo defensive here aren't we? :D
  14. How little your mind works. i did not say that i was against gay people or that hiv is a gay desease. i was making a point of the army testing underage enlistments without permission which is required by law. regardless of it being on civvy street or the army. human rights still stand
  15. Am I the only one who gets a hint of Eau de Journo here???

    And if I'm wrong, what's the big fcuking deal? It costs a lot of money to take a civvy and turn him/her into a trained member of HM Forces. The last thing the MOD wants is for someone to finish Phase 2 and develop full blown AIDS thus rendering the MOD responsible for the care of said individual without actually getting any work out of them.

    In fact, I'd be surprised if they DIDN'T test for everything upon joining up.