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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by phil37, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. My wages were a bit light this month.
    On further investigation, I'm now paying for full PAX insurance.
    This is strange as I cancelled my policy in 2007 on my return from Afghan.
    Before I go running to the RAWO / RAO on Monday, is there a simple explanation for this? I wonder how many other soldiers have been affected and/or if they have experienced unauthorised deductions from private insurance providers.
  2. *******.
  3. Probably a slip of the keyboard in the Admin Office. You may be able to get a refund from PAX if it proves to be the case-they should have records of your start/stop. Try the PAX helpline number on their website.

    details here


    edit to add:

    given that you now have cover you could get someone to break your leg and get a whak off claim...................taxi
  4. Speak to your Admin staff. Detail was sent out on 15 Oct that there are about 300 people affected by this. Without boring you with the detail, there was a cock-up in 2008 and they have just reliased. Those affected will not have 2 years worth of PAX deductions taken from their pay, but will have PAX deductions started from October's pay. If you believe you had stopped PAX, you need to try and see if there is proof in your docs. If not, worst case scenario is that you get it stopped ASP, and you will have paid PAX for a month. PAX have said anyone who is in this situation and has made a claim wil have it honoured.
  5. Thanks.
    However, I can't understand the 'proof in your docs' part. Surely PAX cannot be restarted without my signature and if it hadn't been stopped 2 years' ago, why did my deductions stop?
  6. *******..I either spelt it wrong or I can now swear on here....???
  7. I wouldn't be too bothered but when I initially stopped PAX in 2007, they fu-cked that up as well and continued to take payments - eventually sorted in 2008.
  8. All initial policy administration is conducted at unit level to allow for easy access wherever people are in the world rather than be dependent on a UK-based helpdesk when you deployed. So they should be your first point of call.

    If they can't help then drop me a line either on here or via the website and I have someone give you a call.


  9. Thanks - that's very kind.