Unauthorised access to soldiers rooms

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Old_Gregg, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. I think this is the right place to post this, what are the rules regarding access to soldiers rooms in their absence?

    I returned from an exercise last week to find that some maintainance had been carried out in my room. This was without my notification, and my office certainly wernt told or given a chance to send someone to accompany them.

    It appears the QM staff just walzed in with their skeleton key and cracked on.

    I dont own reams of gay porn, bondage gear or any Nickleback records so I dont mind people going in there, but Im fuming I wasnt informed! Ive raised it with my CoC but Im just wondering if anyone knows where I stand legally?
  2. Dunno how it works within the military, if it was civviy landlord they would be in the wrong unless there was a repair that needed urgent attention (could harm someone, burn the place down, kill children etc)
  3. Opinion is divided in the office, but Im sure its wrong. The bolshy civvie who looks after the block thinks he owns it, thats what fcuks me off the most. I should have said my 360's gone missing!
  4. I've seen it done loads of times - usually an action defended by "Its MOD property, we can do what we like!"

    Personally i think its bang out of order for the following reasons:

    1. It shows a complete lack of respect for the Soldier who's room it is and a complete disregard for their personal space.

    2. It makes a mockery of everything that Soldiers are taught regarding security of their kit. The MOD seem to think that just because someone works for them they can be trusted.

    3. Accepting the action allows QM's to do what the hell they like and not invest a little time in formulating a process to notify occupants - or at least their Tp/Sqn COC that access is required and a suitable escort nominated.
  5. Hi,

    As bad as it sounds, Single Living accommodation is classed as a place of work. So as such, although it is curtious to only go in when the individual is there, it's not actually neccessary.

    And before all the SLIMS start banging the drum.

    Firstly: I never made the rules.
    And secondly: Unlike the pads on the patch, you haven't signed a tennacy agreement. So yes, its a place of work.

    Wrong, But true.
  6. How do I go about "not accepting" it? Ive already told my Sgt Major and hes not happy about it.
  7. This might not be feasible now, but when I was a "no fixed abode" we used to use inserts to fit in the mortise lock. The PSA (is that right?) and QM didn’t like it but we persevered and eventually it got to the point where, if access was necessary, we were asked to either be in attendance or to leave the insert out on a specified day/time.
  8. Fit a new lock. That way only you have the keys. keep the old lock and, on leaving, refit it. No-one will know until they try to gain access in your absence and cant.
  9. And when the QM comes along and needs access to this "place of work" he will be legally allowed to open the door drilling out the lock or whatever and then present you with the bill for the costs.

    It is not "your" room it belongs to the MOD and you have very very few rights especially as you are not a tenant.

    I know it stinks but you know what they say about not signing if you can't take a joke!

    I wonder is the rules will have to change when every soldier has their own single ensuite room?
  10. Actually one of our lads in the Mess found a extract from QR's (i think) and placed it on his door. It states that he/she must be given prior notice of intention to enter his room, and i think this is 36hours.
    I will go back tonight and have a look or find the extract.
  11. So it's one rule for TV licenses and another for everything else?
  12. Sure he didn't say "I've come to fix your vashing machine" surely a perfect opportunity for a good Tag Team performance of the said student.

    No looking in the eye :D
    No touching ball bags :D
    and no giggling :D
  13. That would be awesome cheers! It'll be straight on mine in A3, Red bold font if its in there. I cant for the life of me find the office's copy of QRs.
  14. If memory serves me right ,,,, Is,nt it only your locker that must have an Officer or SNCO witness if opened in your absense ?

  15. Nope, everyone at our place is in SLAM and the SQMS Dept waltz in once a week to drain the water tanks because the MOD/builders f*cked the design up and the water keeps growing Legionaire's Disease.