Unashamed Vanity!

I take it that Chris later took hold of your throat for entering him into the Darwin Awards by stealth? :0))


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Well done that man. Now, give back your bravery award, give yourself a slap around the face, prepare to be disciplined and suspended.

How DARE you go out to see on a pea green boat without thinking of the Health and Safety implications. Did you have life-vests, Hi-Viz, Steel Toecap boots, Hard Hats, Gloves, proper training, radios and a works permit?

I think not.
Fcuk me, you're ugly.

It's nice to know there are folk like you in the Fuzz, now if you could just turn a blind eye while I murder my skaghead neighbour...

Seriously, well, done.


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Well done Cammy. I don't think it is the photo that should be blamed for being crap!!!!

Anyway, how about a lift in your blue-light taxi back to my house tonight after my pub session, it is just up the road from you in Mussey?

Big yourself up all you want Cammy :D

Bloody well done!
scottishcammy said:
Well, I know this is just sheer vanity....but what the hell!!!
Your right - it is pure vanity.

But if you don't blow your own trumpet no-one else will and with any luck some laydees will see the article and volunteer to blow it for you!! :wink:

Well done PC's Tait and Brown.
ABrighter2006 said:
Well done Cammy - Brave man - how much do you have to pay-out for breaking the dinghy?!
Seconded - nice one. But you do have to wonder that if a man starts to drown and then the rescue boat heading out to save him spilts in half, maybe someone up their wanted him dead :D

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