Unarmed rebel shot etc..

Have just ssen a forum on Daily mail.co.uk where a load of bleeding heart liberal type tits were sticking up for the rebel,saying he should have been evacuated etc.
These armchair samurais,students etc are judging US as armed forces to be murderers.
Ive never been in situations like Falujah but I work closely with booties who have so I gave the liberal fuckers hell on there..Result-I got banned!
If you fancy taking a pop at the idiots then its on Hot topics forum on that site-Cant swear though because its full of sensitive studenty types with only a few real people on there.
Yep,thats the link-give the sad twats hell!!
I claim this one

Posted by: forgotton-son on 19/11/04 at 07:59 PM
I for one, as someone who has so far done two tours of Iraq would be happy enough to have such an alert soldier watching my back. Some of the posters on here really do leave themselves open to ridicule....second hand knowledge, wrong arm of service etc (This is land based Warfare after all!)

As h-m-s has already stated. this marine may possibly have been the only difference between the headline "6 Marines killed by Insurgent Suicide Bomber" and his current unenviable status.

If you think you would be better able to make those split second judgement calls then feel free to show those of us serving how it should really be done.............I for one could do with a break from the constant Operational merry go Round and to be quite frank you need a dose of the realities of a very dirty war.
Nice one,Im hms on there,no doubt you guessed that.
Think they banned me for 7 days so i'll kick off more then.
The investigation into the shooting has widened. Four dead insurgents were flown to Dover AFB for forensic examination. The NBC journalist accompanying the Marines heard shots before the unit he was with entered the mosque. These shots were heard in the video that has been seen on TV. He asserts that the dead in the mosque bore fresh gunshot wounds. So it appears the investigation is trying to substantiate the journalists claims.

One of the guys in the video (grey beard) WAS pissing out blood quite heavily from his left eye..................had he been wounded twenty four hours earlier he must have had a remarkable ability to replace his lost bodily fluids.
Dont think so,they wouldnt though.Its fucking disgusting the shite they spout on about-makes you wanna go out and deck someone!

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