Unaccompied service & GYH/Disturbance

Quick question for all the pay gurus out there.

I'm looking at possibly going unaccompanied next tour and putting the wife in our own home. Am I entitled to disturbance allowance? We are being disturbed after all.

To follow on from that it would appear that I may end up in an MSQ on FIA, which I am told would effect my disturbance allowance eligibility. How come? Added to this I am also told if I do succesfully claim disturbance allowance I would no longer be entitled to GYH, which is strange as I would still be seperated and would like to see the wife occasionally.

Any sensible answers would be appreciated.
My own experiences are - you get singlies disturbance allowance. I recently got £80 (IIRC) for moving from mess to SSSA. GYH unaffected. System works well. If you are in a mess then some places give you a lower priority for the gucci rooms if you are on the over 37 package, reasoning that you are slightly less entitled than someone who is paying the usual rate (see various mess boards for debate).

Your pay staff are the ones in the know-make sure they calculate your milage correctly-check it yourself on AA routefinder especially if you live in somewhere like "Newtown" where there are lots to chose from.
Devex, cheers for the response. Thing is, I would be moving from MSQ to SSSA, with wife moving into private house. Don't know how that will affect things as we are 'choosing' to move her into private housing. I recall years ago moving into an MSQ as a singlie (by virtue of employment) We got £545 per person for moving into MSQ (Lower rate of disturbance)
Send a PM to Paywog or Paymaster and ask them - top blokes with brains the size of small planets and they'll sort your problem.
Cheers Proximo, I'll give that a whirl, once I find out if I got the psoting of course!
Unashamed 'Bump'.

I've not had an answer yet from Paywog, he must be a bit busy right now (fair one). Can anyone else shed light on this?

Many thanks,

Unfortunately (or fortunately whichever way I should look at it) I'm not yet 37, only 34 so that won't apply. Thanks anyway :)
Daddy, don't accept full disturbance allowance - the £1300 one - or you will negate all GYHP and future over 37 package benefits. A mate made that mistake and got fcuk all in unaccompanied benefits.
FiveAlpha, thanks for that mate.

Any idea about the rest of it? I'm hoping that I will still be entitled to removals, for a starter, especially as I am planning to put my furniture in whatever they hire for me, therefore saving MOD a bit of money on getting an 'unfurnished' as opposed to 'furnished' hiring.

The other obvious one is the GYH allowance, is that still payable even though I will be in SSSA and not the Sgt's Mess?

All responses welcome :)
I was advised by one of the pay staff not to take disturbance allowance when we bought our house four years ago. I was told that the reason for not taking it was that if I did then I wouldn't be entitled to GHY(P) as it was back then. A quick calculation by the bloke that gave me this advice showed that I would have covered the £800 odd in disturbance allowance in 4 months travel to and from work.

I ended up being put into SSSA and having to commute daily 20 miles in each direction from Monday to Friday, then on Friday night I drove the 210 miles home and did the same back to work on Monday morning. This ended up with me being paid FIA, RESPOD and GYH(P). Not sure how this works with current prices and things, but back then the money for travel just about covered the cost of fuel. Add in the hidden costs of increased servicing costs, depreciation of your vehicle through increased mileage, higher insurance through increased mileage and having to put commuting onto your policy and you end up quite a bit out of pocket. Depends on whether you view a stable home life for your wife and family as being more important than a few quid I suppose.

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