I have just received my booking request for my move from UK to BFG, along with the form comes an Insurance proposal.

This seems good as insurance for a move is always good,
the cost of this is nonsense a premium for upto £10,000 is £145,
Then 1.45% for everything over that.
This does not include high risk items such as large furniture, TV's, PC's so seems to me that this is for clothes, beding crockery etc.
on top of this after you calculate how much your TV, Fridge DW,WM PC etc is you then have another premium. I'm sure that this in my house is quite high as we have all mod cons including sofa, furniture, PC's Xbox, playstation,etc
these items are not cheap and i recon that they would come to @ £15000 the premium for this is £460 in total the premium is £605 with the excess on the 1st one only £50 but on the second one it is £460.

So if my washing machine gets broken and they replace it it will cost me at least £460 in excess payments so i willl probably get about £50.

what ever happened to the removal company packing up your house and if they break it then they pay for it. Have I misunderstood the insurance or is it a huge cost ?
Surely if you have all that kit you already have a policy??? Your normal policy should be "worldwide" and cover moves - Have a look at your documentation..

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