unable to close left eye, can i still aim using SUSAT with both eyes open

right basically i cannot shut my left eye, ive tried training it and read loads of diff techniques but it won’t happen. Ive passed my WHT test and 25 m range test (just) with iron sights. Have yet to use the susat. Can it be aimed accurately with both eyes open?
No. You will have to dig your left eye out with a teaspoon otherwise the Army won't accept you.
best to keep both eyes open with susat as field of view is so restricted with susat, well i dont think that matters on a range but in real life it stops you shooting ya muckers when they are running about
Jesus, if you are just about passing at 25m then i dont hold much hope for 100+!
If you can't close your left eye, then there's little chance of you marching left and right, starting with the left, and swinging the opposite arms in a synchronised manner. Don't worry about shooting targets at over 25m, shoot yourself at 25mm - it will save you and a lot of DS a whole heap of time and trouble.
put a patch over your left eye will solve the problem, also get some NHS specs with some plaster holding them together. That way u can look and proably act like a real mong instead of asking pathetic bone questions on here, is this so u dont look a cnut in fron of your ds?
I struggled with getting used to this, and the whole left/right eye dominance thing, being a left-handed shooter.
Practice makes perfect. And you it's not so hard to shoot with both eyes open through small mag scopes if your right eye is dominant!
How long does it take to get used to the cocking lever smashing your lower face up? Must make it hard to keep the aim?
Clearly you misunderstood. I meant I shoot left handed normally, but since having to shoot right handed on my LAL and a few times at the range when playing with rifles that put cases in my face, I got over the left eye dominance and learned to shoot right handed.
I had the same problem with my left eyelid, and it was an issue during my time on the ranges during recruit training.

Fortunately, my personal weapon was a Browning 9mm (much to the chagrin of my infanteer platoon commander and sergeant).

That made the eye you use irrelevant. 'Quelle horreur!'
If you mean the elephant man his real name
was joesph not john! As for my eye it's pretty mongish- but I'm still gonna learn to do it without a patch.
On the rifle ranges I was forced to wear an eye patch. Arrr!!!

But I exchange my 5.56mm for 120mm. No more problems (and hence the PW being a Browning).

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