Unable to access ARRSE website - PLUSNET and BT Router

I have a problem in that I cannot access the ARRSE website using my BT Voyager 2100 wireless router/modem. If I borrow a normal ADSL modem I can reach the site without problem (or if I logon from the office :)).

Having spent 3 months in discussions with my ISP and BT I finally received the following answer:

"I am afraid this is now a recognised fault with the BT Voyager 2100 and your ISP (PlusNet). The two do not work together particularly well. I suggest you change your router or your ISP if you wish to access the site."

No contest there then. I'll get a new router ASAP!!

Hope this may have be some use to other users.

I know I have been in contact with the CO's and other ARRSE users regarding this problem - well now you have an answer.



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