UN Vote Recognises State Of Palestine

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. The UN General Assembly voted 138-9 to upgrade Palestine to a non-member observer state.

    It's a major diplomatic triumph for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas who had met fierce opposition from the United States and Israel over the vote.

    There were 41 abstentions during the vote on the resolution which gives the Palestinian Authority the same status as the Vatican and enables it to join UN agencies and sign international treaties.

    A Palestinian flag was quickly unfurled on the floor of the General Assembly, behind the Palestinian delegation.

    Thousands of Palestinians gathered in the West Bank city of Ramallah celebrated the news - firing shots into the air, embracing each other and chanting "God is greatest".

    In his speech to the General Assembly before the vote Mr Abbas said the assembly was "being asked today to issue the birth certificate of Palestine".

    His speech angered the Israelis who described it as "defamatory and venomous".

    "The world watched a defamatory and venomous speech that was full of mendacious propaganda against the IDF (army) and the citizens of Israel," said a statement issued by the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Mr Netanyahu said the UN move violated past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians and that Israel would act accordingly, without elaborating what steps it might take.

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dubbed the vote as "unfortunate and counterproductive", saying it would "place further obstacles in the path to peace".

    She said: "Only through direct negotiations between the parties can the Palestinians and Israelis achieve the peace that both deserve: two states for two people, with a sovereign, viable and independent Palestine living side-by-side in peace and security with a Jewish and democratic Israel."

    Real independence, however, remains an elusive dream until the Palestinians negotiate a peace deal with the Israelis.

    The vote had been certain to succeed, with most of the member states sympathetic to the Palestinians.

    Several key countries, including France, this week announced they would support the move to elevate the Palestinians.
    UN Vote Recognises State Of Palestine
  2. Ahh, poor little Bibi is not happy:

    Considering that Bibi's Israel has never made a deal with the Palestinians that he didn't violate you've got to love his brass neck.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    I hold the opinion that Bib is probably the most dangerous enemy to Israel's long-term safety and prosperity TBH. I will admit that its hardly an extensive selection, but every speech, every statement and every press release from him that I've read, seen or heard he comes across as a petulant little child in the body of a grown man- and one who has the military of a regional super power to get agressive with.
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  4. It's what the UN does best - pointless, grand gestures!
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  5. What bollocks..Israel's most dangerous enemy is Islamic fanaticism, which makes meaningful negotiations almost impossible.
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  6. I beg to differ, Israel's most dangerous enemy is western, limp-wristed, liberalism that fails to acknowledge that a small isolated country has the absolute right to defend itself with extreme prejudice if required.
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  7. Sorry I forgot that bit...thanks for the reminder.
  8. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Except (and this is the long-term bit that people have trouble with) Islamic fanaticism has only become the dominant driving force in the last couple of decades- prior to that Fatah was the leading light and they, while having an islamic bent were mostly Palestinian Nationalist/Yasser Arafat Personal Empire (delete as cynicism dictates). The rise of Hamas was in part driven by Mossad in an attempt to divide the Pals (worked brilliantly. Just too brilliantly).

    Using Norn Iron as a model, terrorist organisations can never been defeated militarily. You can hamper their ability to carry out attacks, kill them in job lots (with spectacular casualty figures of civilians if you use Israeli tactics in somewhere as densely populated as Gaza) and generall make it clear that you are the big dog on the block and will bite anyone that even snarls. It will not make terrorism go away. The only thing that will is normalisation and that is something Bib is seemingly doing everything he can to prevent. Continuing to build and expand illegal settlements on occupied land, building a security barrier that prevents Palestinian farmers getting to the source of his livelihood (his fields) or stopping a Palestinian villiage reaching their well for water is not going to do anything but breed yet another generation of embittered and nihilistic young men willing to die for the cause. There are only two ways to stop the terrorist attacks:-

    1/ Normalisation
    2/ Genocide of 4.5m non-Israeli people in the Palestinian Territories. And this option is off the table because Israel the Pariah State would survive months at the outside.
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  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    Great Britain recognized the island state of Singapore. How do you recognize on island? You go, "exc... Hey, wait. No, don't tell me. Wait, wait, didn't we meet last year at the Feinman bar mitzvah? You look a lot like Hawaii. Didn't we meet last year at the Peninsula Club?
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  10. Like say North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan or Iraq.

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  11. The big difference in my opinion between Israel and the Palestinians and other counter insurgent conflicts is that Jerusalem have their enemy pretty well ghettoised, and rather more crucially, I believe they would if pushed simply commit genocide. twenty tons of VX and there wouldn't be anything more complex than bacteria inhabiting Gaza or the West Bank.

    Global reaction is moot.
  12. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". Don't forget in the struggle for a Jewish homeland, Jewish "freedom fighters" killed British servicemen, and bombed civilians. And it wasn't that long ago.
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  13. No, hadn't forgotten! Did you have a point to make
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  14. Yes. Palestinians have as much right to their own state, as Jews have to Israel.
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  15. So you see a two state solution as the way forward then?