Un-United Nations.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vandyke, Mar 29, 2007.

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  1. The UN security council have failed to come to an agreement on wether to support us or not.
    nice to know who our friends are.
    When you consider they were carrying out a tasks for a UNSC resolution, there should be not hesitation in supporting Britain

    ON SKY news now
  2. Seen it myself.
    The UN is a bankrupt organisation and needs winding up.Its turning into a League of Nations and gives credibility to discredited regimes and countries!!
    Saying that,the United States owes a few billion dollars to the UN and constantly ignores it!
  3. Apparently Russia is the main antagonist. Comments please Sergei.
  4. The UN has shown itself time and time again

    to be a corrupt and useless organisation

    dont put your faith in these clowns
  5. so much for strength in numbers, and an attack on one is an attack on all.

    they have now come to an agreement and it is so washed down it is pathetic.
  6. BBC now reporting that the Security Council has come to an agreement
  7. BBC News wesbite is running a ticker saying that the UNSCR has called for the release of the 15. It's a 'more soon' story, which usually means that something will be up there in the next eight hours (the Beeb's definition of 'soon' being somewhat flexible) Sky News is a bit quicker. Seems that the Russians toned down the statement demanding an 'immediate' release.
  8. Then 4 Russian officers were detained in Georgia last year then namely USA and the UK voted against the resolution with a call to release them. So the precedent was established.

    Personally I think that Russian representative should vote in support of the UNSC resolution with a demand to release the captured. I believe that safety of British soldiers is above any political games. Now we have a resolution that expresses only grave concern.

    If you refuse to help somebody then it would be alogical to expect any help in return.


  9. Its a fair point Sergy, however Georgia is an infinently more law abiding Country than Persia.

    Do think once Putin has made his point and no doubt gained a few concessions to be spent later, Russia will act in support?
  10. Going to the UN is akin to haggling at a bazaar.
  11. Not really a good example, "breakaway" Abkhazia province and "intelligence officers on allegations of spying" is a bit different the saliors on a patrol craft in what appears to be international waters.

    Seeing the one is an internal strife while the other is truely an international incident...BTW just going on information in your post could be arrsed at this hour to do the research ;-)
  12. Ctauch, for known reasons I prefer to avoid any discussion about the recent incident. We are allowed only to express our support and of course I support captured Brits. I hope that they are OK and soon will join their families.

    As for the detained Russian officers then

    1. They had Georgian visas and were in Georgian capital Tbilisi on absolutely legal ground.
    2. Status of Russian military objects in Georgia was established in a signed treaty and a date of withdrawal was agreed.
    3. Situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia hadn't any connection to the detention (at least from formal point of view).

    Personally I think that if two countries (e.g. Russia and Georgia) are not at war then any detention of Armed forces personnel is no doubt an international issue, because it could unleash a war and international community (with some notable exceptions) tries hard to prevent any armed conflict and to resolve all problems peacefully.
  13. That's not fair. You can find some nifty stuff at a bazaar
  14. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    This is one of the things that I love about arrse. A more rounded view, with comments from all sides and the injection of so much more knowledge than my pea sized brain has the capacity for.

    OK, I might not agree with all that is said, but Sergey's observations do cast a different light on the UN statement and Russia's behaviour.

    As an aside, what a contrast there is between the low politics that are required of our MPs to satisfy a sensation adicted public in the short term, on a variety of issues, and the high politics that are required in situations like this.

  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    As someone pointed out on the news coverage this morning, Britains credibility at the UN is subject to many doubters. More than half of the member nations ambassadors there now were also listening to the UK's case for going into Iraq.........

    While it p1ssed me off the hear the (non)decision this morning, after reflection I can understand the positioning given the current timing and political climate.