UN troops strike back in DR Congo


United Nations peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have killed more than 50 militiamen in a gun battle in the north-east, the UN says.
The fierce fighting came during a major offensive against an ethnic militia, accused of killing nine Bangladeshi UN soldiers in Ituri province last week.

A UN spokeswoman accused the militia of killing and raping civilians from rival groups, and said they must be stopped.

The UN force in DR Congo is one of the world's largest, at more than 13,000.

"While on operation we were fired upon, so we immediately responded," said Col Dominique Demange, a spokesman for UN forces in DR Congo.
Sounds like the Bangladeshi's settled some scores.
I hope so, its about time the Bangladeshi's dished some out. I remember when they turned up in Bosnia with no guns - they were therefore known as no-BANGBAT!
They had some fair scores to settle as well by all accounts. Horrific torture of this patrol...........
the times said:
Captain Khan, who was 30 and engaged to be married, had his eyes gouged out. The eight other members of the platoon known as Banbat 2 had been stripped naked. Some had been shot at close range.

Others have deep cuts to their knees, thighs and backs. One man had his head sliced open and his brains spilt out, according to one of the soldiers who helped to move the bodies. “They were definitely tortured,” Lieutenant-Colonel Shahid Ul-Islam, acting head of the Kafe base, said. “It may have been after they were dead, but we think it may have happened while they were still alive.”
UN troops tortured and mutilated
I don't doubt the ability of BanBat to "Get some" when they are suitably angered. The war against Pakistan proved that.

Anyway , good show the Bangladeshi's and hopefully this will mean a new posture in DRC.
50 dead so by convention there should be 150 wounded.
Or have the colour troops been allowed to just settle scores in a fashion Honkey troops would be 'Hung Drawn and quartered' for?
It's the DRC JW. Your analogy isn't relevant.

Do you think anyone really cares? I don't mean to be callous, but the feeling in MOUNC must be "About time we gave some back"

I've been watching for UN reaction, and so far, not even a sniff of "There will be an investigation"

I imagine CIVPOP that has been terrorised by these b a s t a r d s won't be overly upset either.
On another board where I like to debate 'Life in general' one of my pet retorts when sumone say "We all came out of Africa' is No you may have but no way did my ancestors did.
I suppose we hung on to India too long, but the retreat from Africa was a debaical on par with Loss of Singapore in 42.
My opionon on Blegium and France on their African colonies and there subsequent behaviour cums under *@!$%^&* catagory.
About bloody time that the UN flexed its muscles.

Reminds me of the time (not too long ago) that the algerian air force (i think it was algeria) dropped some bombs on the french peace keepers by mistake. French response was to remove the algerian air force from the face of the planet! :D
Quality response! If you cant use your weapons safely and accurately, you shouldnt have them!

Tell that to the spams :twisted:


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Agent_Smith said:
the algerian air force (i think it was algeria) dropped some bombs on the french peace keepers by mistake. French response was to remove the algerian air force from the face of the planet!
I think that was in the west African country of Cote d'Ivoire.

Back to the original story, there must have been accusations made because the UN has come out defending the Pakistanis and backing up their story of returning fire on being ambushed.

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