UN Tour?

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by spooks, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Any reason RAF personel would be walking aroung Cambridgeshire in DPM wearing a UN beret & badge?
    Just wondered as it looked slightly strange, not impossible but just strange....
  2. TOSCA? Just off a plane from Brize and doing some admin or something (and not wanting to look dodgy in deserts..?) could be any number of things really.
  3. Cause he wants to? Odd bunch the RAF, best steer clear is my sagely advice.
  4. He looked dodgy enough as it was....
  5. Good sound advice Netleyned.
  6. It has been known to happen.
  7. I forgot to mention, he was wearing a resperator haversck as well!
  8. Sat with a Waitrose carrier-bag, munching on a pastie and surrounded by red-and-white tape?

    Nope, no idea.

    Could he have been a harmless badge-collector, or just your common-or-garden fashion-victim?

    Why didn't anyone think to ask him, then we wouldn't be on the edge of our seats with anticipation?

    ...makes you hungry, it seems.
  9. I believe that there are a couple of UNMO posts filled by the RAF in Georgia (possibly others). I don't think that there are any RAF personnel on TOSCA.
  10. Confirmed - no blue jobs on Tosca.
  11. Any reason you start two threads on the same bollox within 8 minutes?

    Just asking like.
  12. Whatever it was, it must be a worry to make him break cover like that. 15 posts since Dec 2005 - I've heard of going deep, but this takes the biscuit.
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  13. Not the brightest either. Huntingdon has 3 air bases in pissing distance and he's wondering why a fat blokes wearing RAF badges....