UN team to visit traveller eviction site

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CigarIsland, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. UN Team To Visit Traveller Eviction Site


    10:46am UK, Wednesday September 14, 2011
    A United Nations team will visit the UK's largest traveller site today ahead of a planned eviction.

    Earlier this month, the UN called for the government to stop the eviction from Dale Farm in Essex.

    It is expected to begin on Monday after a decade-long row.

    Last month, a group of traveller families lost a High Court appeal against the eviction.

    The Judge said the decision to remove them was entirely lawful as their rights had been considered a number of times and the proper procedure followed.

    A screengrab shows travellers at Dale Farm with a UN flag flying ahead of a forced eviction

    The UN advisory body has been set up to look at forced evictions

    The UN said the move would "disproportionately affect the lives of the gypsy and traveller families, particularly women, children and older people" who live there.

    Sky's Jason Farrell said the advisory body has been set up to look at forced evictions, which is why they will be visiting Dale Farm.

    Cathleen McCarthy, a resident at the site and spokeswoman for the travellers told Sky News that people on the site are worried about what will happen and said that "nobody is eating or sleeping".

    "We are human beings like everybody else," she said.

    We have always sought to persuade the travellers to move on, and to help them with that process.

    Basildon Council

    "We are the only race that has no rights."

    She said that when they first set up the camp, they were hoping that Basildon council would provide them with a more permanent site.

    The council said they have offered the families alternative housing and said they are not discriminating against their lifestyle.

    Council leader Tony Ball said they had spent the last 10 years trying to avoid a forced clearance.

    Dale Farm site at Crays Hill, Essex

    The council says there are 51 illegal pitches at Dale Farm

    "We have always sought to persuade the travellers to move on, and to help them with that process," he added.

    The travellers own the land and although half of the site is legal the council said that there are currently 51 illegal pitches.

    It said these involve up to 240 people.

    The travellers and their supporters have said they will resist the evictions without violence, but police have been making plans in case there are struggles.
  2. Does this mean that even more taxpayers money will be wasted on top of the money already spent over the last 10 years. Point to note also is some of the so called travellers have land in Ireland. Do be sure to be sure.....
  3. My bold: the Fail is strong with these ones.
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  4. Not quite the only race without rights though are they? perhaps they would like to comment on the slaves kept under lock and key by their fellow travellers...maybe the UN would like to visit there as well....
  5. most of the so called slaves where labourers and went back to the site.
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  6. We now have the UN telling us what to do as well as the EU (unless they just came over on a shopping trip). We can save a shed-load of money by doing away with our government as it's clearly not in charge.
  7. Are the UN going to declare a no-fly zone over Essex, backed up with targeted air strikes against Basildon Council?
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  8. no chance, the place is full of stinking rubbish and dog shite, so there will be billions of flies....
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  9. Anyone wishing to build dwellings on any land in England and Wales is required to have plans pre-approved by various departments of the local authority. No racial or ethnic group is exempt. Travellers are NOT a racial group; they barely qualify as a separate ethnic group in GB or UK. The people at Dale Farm have ignored this requirement and are now attempting to portray themselves as the powerless victims of a quasi-fascist authority which wants to deny them rights which are afforded to others. On the contrary, they have been treated far more leniently than any individual NOT from the Travelling community. Now we will see the "plight" of the women and children trotted out as justification for continued non-compliance with due process. Get of your pyebold and welcome to the real world.
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  10. I think that the UN team have been brought in to decommission their weapons. Standby for Macker and Jerry being bussed to site for a bit of 'conflict resolution'.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I thought Travellers were meant to travel?

    Grant them their legal right to fukc off somewhere else, or bill them for the last 10 years.
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  12. I think they should stay there, fire missions are much easier if you know exactly where the target is and how they are dug in!
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  13. Why don't we take a leaf out Syria's approach to the UN and tell them to foxtrot oscar!!
  14. A quick reminder about the slavery issue would be pertinent!
  15. I think the council's defence could when faced with the UN saying "You can't move these people, they've been here for 10 years and it will disrupt their lives", could be something along the lines of "Funny that, they were more than happy to **** off if we gave them £6 million"!
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