UN take on Security and Nation Building

"Security Sector Reform and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding"
Edited by UN University peace & security researchers Albrecht Schnabel and Hans-Georg Ehrhart
ISBN 92-808-1109-6

A new book by various minds at the UNU. It brings in some interesting examples in support of its conclusions, which are mostly testament (as if we needed it) that the UN is very good at talking a great deal about feck all. It does conclude that the current desire to combat internal unrest with strong centralised government is flawed. It's a UN doc so it doesn't offer any alternatives.

It's not light reading but for those interested in post conflict plate juggling, it is well worth a skim read.

If anyone else out there writes media reviews, it's available here. Don't just click on the link and press print if you're a pleb though, it is verboten. :D It is also 349 pages long.

Mostly, a gaggle of full screws could come up with their conclusions over a crate of stella, although the drawing together of analysis from previous ops/crises is useful.

I'll let you read it at your leisure, then I'll be interested in your points.
Apologies - it's not in the book forum because the debate it may stimulate is very much current affairs and pertinent to some on here.