UN sanctions imposed on N Korea

Looks like the UN have actually pulled their fingers out and agreed to impose sanctions on North Korea Here

Not sure how effective it'll be given the express ruling-out of any military enforcement.
Huh, it will be quite interesting to see how this one pans out.

One things for sure, if we end up going to North Korea ill be getting my affairs in order before I go.
FFS - I just finished my Persian course. Now I have to learn Korean?!

"Me so horny. How much for suckee-fcukee?"
"One deep-fried dog, please."
Somehow i dowt that N.korea gives a flying fcuk about the UN. The only country it cares about is china because its its only aly. China unfortunitly is really against any effective sanctions for fear of a fall of gov. and economic turmoil. 8O
I'm just waiting to hear Blair & Bush announce that we do not technically need UN permission for military action, since the war has never technically ended:

OK, I promise not to eat Alsation. Its a Guinea Pig eating environment for me till they stop pressing the little red buttons. There you go, done my bit for support of sanctions. PS.......do poodles count ? always hated them personally but, would like to eat one just to bring up in a cocktail party sometime !

A North Korean vessel filled with used bicycles and appliances leaves Maizuru Port in Kyoto Prefecture. (Satoru Semba/ The Asahi Shimbun)
North Koreans sending their treasures back to North Korea before sanctions are imposed.


Earlier, the government only considered providing logistic support, including fuel and water supplies to U.S. vessels to conduct inspections on North Korean cargo ships.

However, the situation may demand Japan do more because the resolution expected to be adopted at the Security Council likely will be limited to nonmilitary measures and the United States, including U.S. envoy to Japan Thomas Schieffer, has been asking Japan to provide "meaningful contribution."

"The logistic support alone will be too limited [of a contribution]. As the law to deal with contingencies in areas surrounding Japan will be applied, we'd better go into steps further allowed within the limt of the law," a senior government official said.

If Japan participates in inspections of North Korean vessels, they will be conducted based also on the Ship Inspection Law, said the government sources.

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