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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by DozyBint, Jul 1, 2005.

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  1. Please will everyone take the time to go into the UN & look at the Proposals List. If there is any policy you want us to get tabled for a vote, please flag it. Also, if (after reading through the existing proposals to ensure it's not been proposed already!) you think of any policy you'd like proposed, please post it here for discussion.

    Each proposal has a vote cut-off time, plus the reason it's still at proposal stage (i.e. lack of support) and it details the number of votes required to boost it to discussion stage, so please take note of these when selecting proposals for us to support. If proposals are time critical, please highlight this too.
  2. Dozy,

    No-one is going to go through 20-odd pages of insane rambling. Let's get our name up in lights - we need utterly ridiculous proposals, such as "The UN should fund Project Barsteward - 'The First Arrseonian in Space'" or "The UN should making skiffing a legal right" or.....
  3. I may, or may not, have put one on there about spelling. The joys of being a UN member. He he he

    Spell Properly Please
    A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

    Category: Human Rights
    Strength: Significant
    Proposed by: Snailsville

    Description: Please spell properly, it's against my Human Rights for you to torture me with your inadequate spelling.

    Yours, Dale of Snailsville.

    Approvals: 0

    Status: Lacking Support (requires 146 more approvals)

    Voting Ends: Mon Jul 4 2005
  4. How do you vote? I want to vote for Champions of the World. (Europe)

    Am I having a blonde moment?
  5. Dale, only our Delegate (Dozy) can vote - on our behalf.

    However, we can create our own Proposals, and then snigger obscenely about them... :D
  6. I've just gone through the list of proposals (only took a couple of minutes) and most of them are Geldofesque - i.e. boring & 'worthy'. :roll: I've endorsed Dale's (quite frankly bonkers piece of work - what are you actually proposing?!) & look forward to voting for the weird and wacky proposals of other Arrseonians. Please flag on here when you write one as I only saw Dale's by chance.

  7. Are we sure we want the slug in a position of power????
  8. Boring, boring, worthy, worthy... 'Sir' Bob would be SO proud! Y-A-W-N

    Shall I vote against :?:
  9. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    You can't - you can only endorse or not as it's not a resolution yet. I wouldn't bother to endorse it - as you say it's a bit green and liberal.

    There are some truly illiterate resolutions on the proposals list - try "the old ways" or "no more prisons" - what were they smoking?

    any nation with more than 2 endorsements can put up a resolution - I may have to do one....

  10. I may be missing the point here, but now that nuclear weapons have been OKed by the UN, how do I get my grubby little hands on some?

    Generalissimo Tubbyboy
  11. Is anyone else having trouble getting into UN - they keep sending me blank emails (i.e. no link to follow and authenticate)

    Assuming I make it in eventually (ooh er missus) how easy would it be for us to take over the UN - would we need to form strategic allegiances with other regions rather than invade them?
  12. It's around this time that the UN delegate processing is going on, so that may account for the delay.
  13. ^They've just sent me the NationStates Forum E-mail Validation request again, but the link fails - I suspect because it's the second time I've tried to validate. Then sent another empty email.

    Need to go and do some work now so will try again, later today.

    Nice socks BTW
  14. So it wasn't third-time lucky - feck!
  15. United Nations Security Act

    'A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.'

    Looks like the 'proper' UN nations (i.e. tree-hugging Bob-Geldof-worshipping window-licking strokebags) have decided to do 'something' about their lack of teeth, spit and fire.

    Too late, tooooooooooo late...... :D