UN Pay, When should you receive it?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Strike, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. My Unit spent 6 months in Cyprus from last October-April and we have all been informed that we would be given UN PAY. Ive served there before and I know that its a little flexible as to when you receive the pay but generally you're paid half at your 4 month point and the other half once you get back home.

    The problem is, we've been back nearly 6 months now and with the exception of a few, nobody has received a penny. After numerous questions and complaints to the pay office there have been notices on Orders that we should "stop asking questions and you will get it when you get it"
    Now im not 100% sure how much it is but its somewhere between £150-£200, times that between the number of guys who deployed and its about 45-50k. we've been told that the UN pay the Regiment and then once it clears, the Regiment pay us.

    45k over 6 months should knock up a fair amount of interest for somebody, but WHO?

    Does anybody else have a similar story or an answer to this problem? (preferably not "stop asking questions")

    p.s We do have ongoing Ops in Iraq and Afgan too, so please, no telling us to be gratefull we've been in cyprus for 6 months. We just want our money.
  2. Are you in the British Army?

    As far as I know the British don't get UN pay. Any monies paid to the UK for the service of her soldiers is kept by HMG and, I understand, used to offset our payments to the UN. I can't remember the exact figures but I see to remember that we pay something like 7% of the UN budget. I couldn't be bothered to check this detail right now.

    The British point of view is pretty much that you are paid a reasonable salary all the time and X Factor covers the embuggeration. Other armies have different policy and massively increase pay when troops are on ops or abroad and many hand (some of) the UN pay to the boys. However most of these countries are not so well paid when at home. 3rd world personnel are often desperate to go on UN tours to gain extra cash and the French (for example) are much better paid on ops. Having said that, their pay at home is not so good and all those that I have spoken to would prefer our system.

    The exception is MILOBs (and UN Staff offrs in some missions) who are paid Mission Subsistence Allowance (MSA) which is to cover food, accommodation, water etc. Now that can be lucrative (depending on the mission).
  3. The Brits in Cyprus don't get UN pay & never have I bleive, as Cuchulain explains perfectly. The only organisation I belive that our wonderful government allow to pay us extra dosh is the 'Sultan of Oman' & that's onlybecause he is a good customer. Remeber the UN is nearly broke, is owed shed loads of money by the Yanks & us Brits. However told you about getting UN pay is having a laugh at you or is an Austrian :D
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Old info, but probably still valid:
    Other countries Toms doing UN tours in Cyprus got paid varying percentages of the money the UN paid to their respective governments. Every Tom, Landrover and radio set had a UN "rental" price. The Brits kept the UN payments and paid LOA to Brits in the UN. But for some reason IIRC it was a different rate to the Brits in the SBA's - and food and accomodation was waived 'cos it was shiite.
  5. Only UNMOs receive UN pay in the British Armed Forces and that's to cover their living expenses (or so it says).

  6. You may well be right, but out of curiosity, what part of the info I gave is old (out of date)?
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I meant my info is old, thus the use of the ":"
  8. All of the above is correct. The only thing I can recall receiving from my time with the UN was a free haircut (which I believe was written into the agreement). I recall a case of an Argentine Army WO1I worked with who received no pay for 3 months because his MOD waited to receive their payment from the UN for the use of the Argentine troops and as previously stated the UN is nearly broke and never (ever) pay their bills on time - I actually had to lend him some cash.
  9. Hmm, It seems that I've got my terminology wrong here, maybe its not "UN pay" but there's definatly some kind of allowance we get.

    Ive been there before in 1996 and got it then, weve been told by senior HR staff were getting it and its also been on Regimental part 1 orders that were getting it but to "stop asking and just wait"

    The way it works is you get half, half way through and the other half at the end, by the time the unit sorts it and pays it to everyone you expect it at the 4 month point in local currency (cypriot pounds) and the other half in £sterling when you get home.

    thanks for your info but it seems ill just have to "wait"

  10. Ah so you are actually asking when you get paid something that you can't remember the name of, can't remember exactly when you normally get it and can't rememeber what it is for but you can remember that it was on Part ones?

    And you expect the varied and excellent members of Arrse to tell you what exactly?
  11. You are entitled to "UN Pay" but it is not the full amount that UNMOs receive. Due to the Welfare Package X Factor etc, despite HMG being paid the full whack, you see a paltry sum. When I served in Cyprus my unit decided it would be paid after the tour once everybody's exact number of days could be calculated to take the pressure of the clerks. It did eventually come through after a few months, being credited to Mess Bills (bizarrely) for Offrs and SNCOs and being paid in crisp notes to the boys, who, incidentally, got a bit of an advance just before POTL. It seems to me that something fishy is up. I would suggest that the clerks haven't done their homework/lost track of who was in theatre (if you can call it such!) or forgotten to bid for the money through the chain. Has the RAO or Det Comd changed recently...