UN Oil-for-food boss resigns

From Sky News:


The former chief of the United Nation's oil-for-food programme in Iraq has resigned.

Benon Sevan announced his decision a day before the release of a report expected to accuse him of taking kickbacks.

He released a scathing letter lambasting UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the independent committee investigating the allegations of corruption.

"As I predicted, a high-profile investigative body invested with absolute power would feel compelled to target someone and that someone turned out to be me," he wrote.

"The charges are false, and you, who have known me for all these years, should know that they are false."

He added: "The real oil-for-food 'scandal' is in the distortion and misrepresentation of the accomplishments and the record of the program by now well-established UN bashers."

It is thought the report will say Mr Sevan received kickbacks for steering contracts under the oil-for-food programme to a small trading company.

The oil-for-food programme was launched in 1996 to help Iraqis cope with UN sanctions imposed after Saddam Hussein's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Under the programme, Saddam's regime could sell oil, provided the proceeds went to buy humanitarian goods or pay war reparations.
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Well, he has a point when the Secretary-General's own son was involved in similar tales of brown envelopes and creative accounting. That said, Sevan has become a byword for a particular kind of corruption in the UN - an organisation hardly lily-white when it comes to investigating or policing itself. It simply isn't good enough to imply that because some people got food, everything else is excusable. In this instance, ends do not justify means.
Well I am familiar with quite a few of the people who are conducting the OFF Investigation.

I am sure that if there is evidence of corruption they will find it.

If this guy is guilty of all that he is accussed of - which has yet to be determined I hope he goes to prison for a very long time.

Meanwhile lets not forget that these is a political element that is determined to use this matter to discredit the entire UN in general and the UNSG in particular.

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