un-occupied house insurance

long time no post..

Off on tour number three and gonna be leaving house empty, and i'm havin bother getting it covered.

Bit of background im a raf oggie medic, last 2 tours mrs B was in residence at blod towers, but she saw the light and fecked off last year... so this time i want to get cover, dont fancy coming back to a robbed/flooded/incinerated house, and having no cover.

I rang my current insurer (shielas wheels, yes, i know thats gay, but they were the cheapest) who dont do unoccupied cover, hit google and came up with a couple, got quotes (loads of £££, not a prob, m.o.d. pays).

Problem now is, ive submitted my quotes for adjudication and they wont stump up because both quotes were for 12 months cover, im only away for 4 months but both companies would only quote for a year, and i thought that if the mod would just pay me the monthly payments on the 12 month policy i could claim for 4 months then bin off the policy after i get back and stop payin, but ajudication think my plan is sh!t.

So, im running out of time to sort this, anyone got any experience/know any brokers that do 4 month cover packages?, and preferably ones that understand the military thing.

cheers up front


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