Discussion in 'Seniors' started by gunit, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. Anyone heard of this course or unit. Briefly heard about it a while back and would like some more information.

  2. Think it involves standing by and watching helplessly a lot
  3. It also covers you for standing by and letting massacres happen!
  4. A friend of mine went on one of these a few years ago (in Russia if I remember correctly). These courses are run by various countries ostensibly to train UN monitoring officers (as the name suggests). In reality I believe that the view within the UK and probably other western militaries (perhaps arrogantly) is that our officers/WOs/SNCOs are perfectly capable of doing most of these jobs without going on a three week course. In essence these courses are really there to train UN monitoring officers from the third world armed forces but usually have a representation from the developed world in order to show form.

    The fellow I know who went on one said that it included lessons in (very basic) off road driving, a little bit of use of an interpreter and that sort of thing, all at a very basic level. Incidently he has not been employed as a UN observer in the 8ish years since he did it.
  5. Used to do administration for one in the Ops Trg Wing at RTMC. The UK based courses looked from the JIs quite tasty - some fairly advanced first aid; mines awareness & so on as well as the driving & 'terps stuff mentioned above. I am a bit out of date, though...
  6. I did one with the Irish Army back in 2003, more because my CO wanted me away from his soldiers, I dare say, than because he expected me to use it. Really a good laugh, and a very well run course. The difficulty was that the multi-national attendees had (very) different levels of competence, and English. The Irish take their UN stuff very seriously of course, and the instructors were fantastic.

    Ironically I was later posted overseas to instruct at a UN Peacekeeping school, so it came in very handy. But the view at that time in my unit was that there was no way they were going to send people to be UN Officers when there was other stuff going on, which I daresay is even more true now (see brave-coward's remark).

  7. The Bundeswehr used to do a good one at Hammelburg: tit-freezing cold, though, and the end of course pish-up involved everyone getting dressed in 2 Dress (or national equivalent) and drinking until you forgot your name. The Finns were very good at that bit.

    Professional course but very......errm.......ahh.....Germanic, shall we say?
  8. I spent 9 months courtesy of our FCO in Bosnia,on one of these ventures,after working at UNHCR in the same place.No training,but warning from FCO to get some insurance! Wore white flak jacket and considered having roundels painted on the areas that contained ballistic plates!
  9. Fair play!!!

    This should give you some idea:

  10. Ronan?
  11. I believe the MDP run one in Yorkshire for UN CIV POL

  12. Fair play! C'mon!

    Don't you listen to Gift Grub?
  13. Have not heard of the course but know of a guy who did an observers job in Georgia. A trawl was put out for anyone with any language experience and he was off as he spoke Russian.