Un-necessary bull Shit!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by teddytats, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. I just had to throw in this rant. I'm siting in my nice cumfy office looking out of my window. I'm watching the Adjt, RSM and several warrant officers sweep the road outside of the RHQ block, SSgts dust the entrance hallway and various other bods make the outside look pretty, with pot plants and new gravel....why?, I hear you ask....well the GOC is visiting this TA centre this evening and all the flapping and internal house work is for his benefit. Now I'm sure that the General isn't bothered that there where no flowering trees out side RHQ or that the old gravel looked a bit dirty (its gravel for fucks sake, its supposed to be dirty!) I think that the GOC would rather see a unit how it normally looks, that way he can see that it needs a lick of paint or that the offices have shite furniture and requires updating. It just makes a mockery of the whole thing and people's time could be better spent doing their jobs, rather than flapping around looking for something to clean! That said I should really do some work. Laters. :x
  2. Yes. The brush will be by the CQMS's door. Off you go.
  3. Not enough MTDs to give some of your units full time stabs a days work? Tight or what!