UN Lebanon deaths tragic error

UN Lebanon deaths 'tragic error'

Full text: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/5348364.stm

BBC said:
An Israeli bombing raid on a UN post in southern Lebanon in July that killed four peacekeepers was the result of a "tragic error", Israel has said.
The Israeli investigation found that there had been a mistake in the duplication of maps during the deployment of fresh troops to the area, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev said.

"In that process, unfortunately, the UN post was not accurately mapped," he said. "When our aircraft launched its ordnance it believed it was targeting Hezbollah."
And again it's the poor old humble map that gets blamed. Not the person who marked the map wrong. Not the person that wrongly identified the position as a Hezbollah position. Not the pilot who simultaneously illuminated the target whilst failing to observe the UN markings and then dropped the bomb. Not even the operations, intelligence and legal (?) officers who should have been reviewing the daily operations. Just a poor piece of paper with various coloured markings. How convenient!

And if that excuse doesn't satisfy the movers and shakers in New York. Then Israel can call upon their old friend to assist in 'damage limitation'. I mean, haven't they simply lifted this excuse from the CIA? Shades of Chinese Embassy 1999 spring to mind...

So. The bombing of the UN post was indeed deliberate. The problem was simply that the IDF didn't conduct a proper review of the target that they were attacking.
"Tragic error" my fückin' arrse!

The Israelis had enough info on exactly what they were doing. They just wanted to get rid of any unwanted observers.

Whenever bods like this are caught with their strides around their ankles, it's invariably: "We need to gather all the facts and pass them on to a board of inquiry".

Which translated means: "We need time to falsify all the documents and think of a passable explanation that'll superficially satisfy the Septics.

I wonder what would've happened if those UN observers had just happened to be Septics themselves!

Fückin' wänkers!!!

Utter Bullsh*t. If I was the Canadian Government , I'd be protesting in the strongest possible terms.

One of our lurking Tonka or Jag mates will be able to explain why 'duplication of maps' isn't a reason here.

Clue: It's the digital age........

Anyway , here's some supplementary reading


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