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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by asdf2204, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Does the UN have its own intelligence service/agency?
  2. think intelligence gathering is a big no no in UN world.
  3. I do believe it goes against the UN Charter...
  4. UN intelligence is an oxymoron
  5. When I looked for employment after leaving I looked at the UN. They have a number of jobs in 'information management' ranging from librarian to statistician. There is no central agency. A lot of the individual components have an investigation element: think war crimes based in the Hague, and WHO in Geneva looking at counterfeit medicines. Can't comment on the Hague, but WHO were tossers. Information is collected, collated, and analysis takes place (after a fashion). So, yes and no.
  6. hmm, i don't think so...i think you meant a tautology?

    Military intelligence is an oft-used oxymoron!

    (only joking guys!)
  7. Why the interest...been stealing food handouts or something?
  8. Just wondered, as they have varouis agencies and wonder if they did any "spying" on member states, in order, to check that what they are told by them is correct or to keep an eye on them.
  9. There is an ex op inter who did a crosspol tour at 13 sigs in the 90's who now works for the UN. Not quite sure what he does for them, but we swap emails now and then. If you want to be put in contact PM me your details and I'll pass them on.
  10. This sounds a very "waltish" question to me..............
  11. now you're just being mean.

    next you will be making fun of him for having a pic of his Airsoft team as an avatar :)
  12. You are correct my apologies :oops:
  13. i don't normally like to get dragged into linguistic wrestling (i leave that to perevodchik), but how is it a tautology?
  14. I think Trev was right the first time!

    (the use of the English language that is - not necessarily the view expressed)
  15. Thank you Poppy, I was merely showing humility