UN in Israel

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Lostnfound, Jun 13, 2003.

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  1. OK, and hands up anyone who thinks that they will be impartial given the influence of domestic politics on foreign policy in the US, and the huge influence that Jewish votes and money have in New York, Chicago, LA, and DC which are the major collegiate votes in any presidential election? Pissing off the Yids is a sure fire way to loose any election in those districts, and anyone running for office knows it.

    You might as well kiss any hope of an independant Palestine and a homeland for Palestinians goodbye  :-/
  2. ..................well at least we can be confident there will be no more indiscriminate shootings at checkpoints......
  3. I would refer you to Tom Clancy - the sum of all fears, the script is already written, the book not the film!!!!

    thats what I think the politicians of this era are reading as well...
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    Serious question; who would be acceptable as peace keepers to both sides?
  5. Australians, Canadians, French, Norwegians, Swedes, Italians, Spanish. Portugese, Finnish, Russians, Most central and southern African states that are not slaughtering their own populous (rules out Zimbabwe, SL, Rwanda et al), Most Central American countries. Basically anyone except the Germans and Austrians (politically unacceptable) and muslim countries (not impartial).

    Most certainly NOT the US for bias and the UK coz we are stuffed everywhere else, and bdesides, we helped partition Palestine to create Israel in the first place.
  6. What do you mean UN in Israel?

    You mean UN in Palestine?

    It's like saying UN in Germany if they went to Paris in 1941.

    Only one thing will stop the fighting in Palestine, and that is if the Israelis stop building their own towns and settlements in an illegally occupied country they have no right to be in. The wall they are building is currently about 270km long, right through a country they have no right to be in, all to protect settlers who are there illegally.

    If I was a Pal, and a lot of people on these boards, we would probably be members of the various Pal 'terrorist' groups.
  7. Why is everyone still frightened of pi55ing off the yids? They are wrong.

    Scenario 1; Hamas terrorists do a jobby on an Isaeli bus and kill 5hit loads - a bad thing - concequence, the Israelis then level a township of Palestinians with Cobras and F15's as a reprisal. The septics turn the other way because the victims are rag heads and its good for their disjointed if non existant foriegn policy.
    They still don't have clue why nice people feel they must file a flight plan that reads JFK_int_apt - FL250_Large infedals Building.

    Scenario 2; IRA terrorists blow up several civilians in a car bomb incident in central Belfast - still a bad thing - the British Govn send in two Sqns of Challengers and a Flight of Apaches into Jonesborough and level it in reprisal. The spanks turn a blind eye of course!

    The answer comes from what woopert said, can't pi55 the yids off, voting dollars is what counts.

    What grips my 5hit off is how hypocritical the spams are.
    Why are we still allowing this situation to happen? You cant mention that jews are untouchable because you will be labelled as anti semitic or a Nazi. The boxheads have got over it. History tells its own story but I can't mention half of it as I will be labled as racist in the most severe form.

    The Israeli state are playing on a sympathy vote. They can't play the appocolypse card forever. Sad as it was, Hitler got a bit peed off with how the jews fcuked over Germany for so long. He did, however, take it a bit far.
  8. Ooohhh, you nasty anti-senmitic man you (even if Palestinians are semites too)  ;)

    My father was so anti-jew it is unreal, and he was in the German army in the war. He was a Ukrainian. He told me a long long time ago stories to make your hair curl about jews and how they conducted themselves in the Ukraine, and explained why they were so hated.

    It had NOTHING to do with their religion, nothing to do with the usual stereotypical jew, and nothing to do with their culture.

    It was completely and totally to do with their business practices and their ruthless desire to accumulate wealth at any cost.

    I don't hate them, but they are, as you say, totally wrong in the middle east.

    BTW: It was the JEWS that broke the ceasefire this time, and the Pals that were retaliating, although from our media you wouldn't know. It's funny that if Pals kill a load of kids and women it is a terrorist atrocity, and the Israelis kill a load of kids and women they were bystanders. Noticed that?

    It's not just the Yanks that are trying to brainwash us into supporting the yids, and don't forget that probably the main man in the New Labour project that isn't actually in Government is Lord Levy, one of the richest men in the UK, Blair and New Labours chief fund raiser, and one of the richest men in.........Israel.
  9. A very important point. We need to remember where the UN will be working - in the West Bank & Gaza.

    I also agree with the rest of Shotgun's post which I've quoted - the best way to get peace is for Israel to pull out of the Occupied Territories.

    The security arguements of some Israelis are BS - Israel fought Egypt, Syria & Jordan simultaneously in '67, and won inside a week (creating the current problem). If they could do that, what kind of military threat could the Palestinians pose?

    And as for terrorism, the present arrangements aren't stopping the suicide bombers, but they are creating an environment where more & more Palestinians regard such actions as legit.

    Regarding monitors, I'm not sure that the Americans would be too biased. I read that 90% of US Jews vote Democrat, so Bush hasn't too much to lose. As the Israelis might be more reluctant to push around US monitors than those from other countries, it might not be such a good thing for them to have US monitors.

    Oh, 1 last thing. I appreciate that it can be reasonable to ask whether the Holocaust is used by some for political ends, but I'd rather we avoided comments such as Hitler took 'it a bit far'. I presume LF was being ironic, and that no offence was meant, but I'd rather we avoided anything with anti-semitic undertones. Thanks.
  10. That one's my call to make, and this subject has views from all sides. I will not censor any comments as they form valid discussion points. I will only edit or remove comments that are offensive and clearly intended to be so.

    Anyway, off my soap box on that one.....

    To understand why that is one has to understand the US political system, and that is a 5k word essay in and of itself.

    One thing that is prevalent in the political thinking in the US is "minority guilt". The PC environs of the US have fostered seperatism and blame culture (which is making in-roads in the UK) whereby everything is somebody's fault, and the white middle classes are made to feel guilty over everything from slavery to black crime. The holaucost is a term coined by the Jews from biblical accord, but in context relates to the religious survival of the Jews. It is a widely mis-understood term, in the same way that Jihad is understood now more in terms of violence and terror, and less in the true meaning of the personal struggle against evil and sin.

    Although it only deals with the black perspective of US internal political correctness and the effects on the political thinking of the country, I would recommend a book called "The 10 things you can't say in America" by Larry Elder. The truisms contained in that book equally apply to most large ethnic groupings in the US as they fight for power over one another using the language of guilt to overcome each other.

    What will be interesting will be the US policy towards Israel as the black community in the US is beginning to gain wealth and significance of its own beyond the radical Black Panthers and Nation of Islam type movements. As the middle and wealthy upper classes are seeing more and more black faces in them, the influence of the Jewish vote will inevitably decline.
  11. Woopert, somebody referred to the murder of 33% of the world's Jews, plus the murder of a similar % of the Gypsy population, and however many hundreds of  thousands of Jehovahs Witnesses, homosexuals, communists, trade unionists, and assorted other victims, as taking things 'a bit far'. I stated that I believed the comment was meant to be ironic, not offensive, but I politely asked contributors to this thread to avoid such language.

    I do not think my request was unreasonable. However, I appreciate that people are free to ignore my request (and it was just a request, there was no suggestion that I was seeking any sort of enforcement), and I'd be very surprised if some people didn't ignore it.

    As I stated, my request was directed at contributors to the thread. It was not an attempt by me to make your call, nor was it a request that you delete any particular posts.