UN in Darfur....well that lets us out doesnt it????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shagnasty, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. The UN secretary genera, Ban Ki-moon said he would send two high-level envoys to the EU-Africa summit in Lisbon to press Sudan to accept non-African contingents from Thailand, Nepal, Sweden and Norway in the peacekeeping force which is due to be fully deployed in January.

    Mr Ban also said the new mission had been held back by its lack of 24 helicopters, vital for operating in a war-torn region the size of France.

    The 26,000-strong force will replace the African Union observer mission struggling to protect civilians in the western Sudanese province, where more than 200,000 people have died since 2003. A further 2m people have fled their homes.

    ps:......and if it all goes tits up, somebody smother our glorious leader before he can stick his neb in!
  2. What?

    You mean you don't want to go to another malaria - ridden fleapit of a country, inhabited by largely Muslim locals who will want to cut your head off if captured?

    Good God man, are you yellow!? Are you unwilling to sacrifice yourself because the Dear Leader will lose his politically correct voter base if you don't?

    Don't you enjoy being shot at by a vastly numerically superior enemy, while being paid less than the equivalent grade of teacher's assistant?


    My only question on this would be - since there ain't no oil, or any other national-self-interest reason for doing this, why on earth would we?

  3. I hear RTMC took a delivery of War Stock Khaki tunics and pith hats, along with some war stock Lee Enfields, and the IWM has been asked for some suitable pamphlets...;-) Me? I'm voluntering for the camel Corps!
  4. Wrong, Sudan is definitely on our strategic horizon - or should be. It has oil (fourth biggest sub-saharan producer in Africa) and more importantly, the Chinese have been supporting the regime in their thirst for African oil and have opposed UN military intervention in the Darfur conflict. So we´ve got a Chinese angle, an Al Quaida hotbed and oil - this might explain why the State Department, under the cover of the UN has financed the AU mission for the past five years. So get your yellow fever jabs, pop some Malerone and stand by yer beds!
  5. Hmmmpfh. Bloody heli types need to get back to basics with some of the designs methinks. More workhorse, less bells and whistle's and then maybe you'll get more than a handfull in and out a wkshp quickly. Rough engineering made easy, wot not.

    Suffice to say Sudan is on the list for orbital bombardment. In the interim, if the UN can deem to do something worthy with the "ever reluctant nations", then be our guests.
  6. I need to re install the drivers. Every time I try to play that one my X box plays up.