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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Fones_4_Me, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Why oh Why does it seem that clerks can continue not to do their specific job roles and still get away with it? Im referring to a friend of mine who happens to be a junior rank. He is currently going through the process of moving to Germany. Due to the fact that allowances and what we are entitled to are never really published, or made aware to individuals, by the people "in the know" shall we say. He wasnt aware that he was entitled to stay in a hotel paid for by the Army after handing his quarter over and awaiting onward movement to Germany.
    Therefore due to his poor admin I have had him and his homeless gypo wife staying with me.

    I decided to look into this matter a little further, and found to my surprise that he is still allowed to claim PAR, (all you clerky types will know what this means). I informed my lesser ranked friend of this so he went to see his Ssgt clerk to which he replied..." You are only allowed to claim PAR if services families accomodation is unavailable, and it is available becuase you are stopping at your friends!"

    So is service families accomodation is unavailable if I kick him out tonight eh?

    Now my interpretation of JSP 752 Chapter 3 part (c), is that he can opt to stay at a friends home and still claim PAR at a flate rate. It seems to me that I am going to be forced to drag the said Ssgt off his downgraded fat f*ckin arrse and beat him to within an inch of his pathetic exsitence.
    Why is it that SOME clerks seem to be able to have the power to completey dis-rupt a families life in this way and clearly get away with it?
    Im not for one second saying that this applies to all clerks becuase I have been helped out big time in the past. However some of them seem to have a total disregard for the way their actions (or lack of) have a detrimental effect on soldiers families.
    Surley the process is stressful enough in its self without the attitude that some clerks seem to have.
    Now Im expecting some individuals to jump to the defence of these said people, but just remember families are put through enough what with tours, exercises etc etc, please remember it does not matter what rank you are dealing with spare a thought for their wives, husbands, and kids eh!
  2. Its the same old story wherever you go unfortunately..You get the odd few clerks who are good at their job and the rest just dont give a SH*TE...The reason being is not because they dont know what they are doing, but prefer to keep quiet about it as it means they would have to get up of their ARRIS and do something helpful for you..God forbid..
    I could rant on about this subject forever, but the fact is what soldiers are entitled to etc etc is not publicised enough or the lads are just not aware of what they can and cannot claim...
    A typical example is, one i myself have only just found out, this is my sixth tour in a five year period (18 month break without being deployed again my AR*E) and it is now i have only just discovered that i can make two claims for the wife while i have been away on tour...you can also say i should have been informed or know better etc etc but the fact of the matter is i wasnt...Do you reckon i could backdate some of the claims for when i was previously away...No chance would be the answer...so yet another thing to lose out on...
    Rant Over..but could easily carry on...
  3. Those clerks really pi** me off. I would count myself in the (unfortunately only a) minority of clerks who would move hell and high water to help people out, yet we all get tarred with the 'useless' brush by others. The kind of guys you decribe above should not be in the military, but it is up to the Offrs/WOs to kick their arrses. Why that does not happen is beyond me.
  4. Like i said mate, i dont want to tarnish everyone with the same brush, just unfortunately there is quite a lot..glad to hear your in the "helpful" bracket....I find it amazing that myself and all the lads in my troop who were in Iraq were not properly informed about such said claims...and now away again i find myself with a clerk probably like yourself who actually turns round to me and says "hey sarge did you know while your putting in this MMA claim in for your R&R that your missus is entitled to two claims as well" i could not believe my ears and on further questioning along the lines of "excuse me what was that you just said" he then explains everything to me etc etc
    So you see, you do get helpful ones, but on the other hand far too many TO**ERS...wonder how many units do actually have clerks that are good and inform you properly...
    Rant over yet again...brew time ....
  5. Did you know you used to be able to claim insurance on your MFO box going out and coming back at £35 each way and you could back date claims for that as well. Not sure if you still can claim although I can't see why not.

    Perhaps we should have a sticky (regularly updated) with what you are entitled to claim when posted to BFG or wherever and allowances you can claim when on tours - assuming there are no differences according to theatres
  6. See yet another thing that is top secret, when it comes to trying to get money back your entitled to....but as far as being able to back date a claim for last year and the year before whilst on operational tour...somehow i cant see it and will definately not hold my breath....if i could and others like me, especially in the unit we are presently in, the clerk would probably commit Hari Kari
  7. My hubby backdated his claims for about four years (but it was a couple of years back) and we got over £300 back. All he needed was a copy of our insurance for each relevant year showing he was covered for contents being moved - and as I am a horder I could provide him with all of them :D

    Maybe a helpful clerk will come on and give you the rules on this - that's assuming you can still claim it
  8. JSP 752 Ch 7 Sect 3:



    07.0301. Aim. The aim of Insurance Allowance (IA) is to meet the average cost of transit insurance purchased by Service personnel when they are required to move their Personal Effects (PE) for Service reasons, but are not entitled to claim Disturbance Allowance (DA).

    07.0302. Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs). IA is non-taxable.


    07.0303. Eligible Service Personnel. All Service personnel who are entitled to move their PE using Unaccompanied Baggage (UB) (see Section 2 of this Chapter) or unit arranged moves on deployment or assignment, but are ineligible to claim DA for the move, are eligible to claim IA.


    07.0304. Ineligible Service Personnel. Those Service personnel who have received DA for a particular move are ineligible for IA for the same move.


    07.0305. General. Eligible Service personnel are entitled to a payment of IA if they have purchased insurance to cover their PE in transit. Refund of the actual cost may be paid, up to the maximum IA rate.


    07.0306. Supporting Evidence. Service personnel are required to retain, for one year, supporting evidence of the purchase and cost of the transit insurance cover to the full value of their PE. Where this is included in a household insurance policy, it should be shown separately within the schedule.


    07.0307. Method of Rate Calculation. The rate at which IA is paid will be updated annually by SP Pol Allces, who will establish the average of 5 transit insurance quotes obtained from reputable companies selected by them. The rates are published in the annual SP Pol Allces Directed Letter “Rates of Entitlement for Allowances for Service Personnel”. The current IA rate is also at Chapter 1 Section 6.

    2004 rate - £41.00
    2005 rate - £41.50
    2006 rate -Don't know at this moment in time but would hazard a guess at somwhere around £42 ish.

    The above is very similar to the pre JSP752 rules ie RAAC.

    Hopefully this is of some use.

    I totally agree with the majority of posts - all pers should be informed of what they are entitled to, especially the more junior amongst us. It doesn't take much to produce an allowances pocket book or even a monthly or quarterly newsletter. There are plently of beancounters that seem to think that their job is to do their utmost to stop people getting their hands on public money at all costs - the job is actually to ensure service personnel receive correct pay and allowances and pay the correct charges - simple as that.
  9. I remember when I was going through my resettlement with 35 Engr Regt, last year. The fat clerk (lets call her lake) in charge of all the payments did everything she could to stop me from claiming back money I had spent whilst on resettlement. She even asked why couldn't I have used a bus, instead of a taxi. Then she found a reason to not pay one or two of them, as well.

    Fat fcuking whore... she still winds me up even now.
  10. Shines, you can legally backdate a claim up to six years (see RAAC and JSP 752), the problems are; substantating a claim with the evidence, finding the correct rate in force and charging the budget for something that old. All that said if you have the proof and a good reason why you have not claimed already ... go for it.
  11. When hubby put in for his insurance money he didn't need to explain why he hadn't previously claimed just filled out the form, attached the evidence and presented them at the pay office :D
  12. Shines,

    6 tours in 5 years, a SNCO and only now aware of what you or your spouse is entitled to? I don't think I need to say any more, but I will. The units you have been with must surely be amongst the worst-clerked ever, I just hope I don't get posted to any of them! Of course, I bet that your chain of command were equally unaware, because if they knew about all these allowances, they should have ensured they did their bit to brief their subordinates, as all good leaders should. Your clerks do sound sh1te, but I suggest your chain of command let you down too. Fingers crossed you're on a roll now and in future you get what's owed to you.
  13. Do you really think Shines is unique in not being told about what he is entitled to, because you are mistaken if you do? I bet his Chain of Command knew exactly what the guys could or couldn't claim but left it to the pay office to sort them all out. Unless you're a clerk you have to rely on being told what you are entitled to and as someone said before advising people of their entitlement means the bone idle clerks have to do some work. (Not a dig at clerks on the whole I hasten to add as I have worked with some brilliant clerks).
  14. I have served with many different units deploying on Op tours and each time have delivered presentations to all ranks and often again in the evenings to the wives clubs explaining in detail all allowances and entitlements specific to the upcoming tour. Each of the presentations were delivered at the right level for the audience and often in the presence of the CO and Families Officer who would add their comments at the end, again depending on the audience.

    Unfortunately there will always be differences in the way units are administered prior to deployments however in my experience any ignorance with entitlements has been with the individual not listening to briefings or choosing not to attend when given the choice.

    It is too easy too make broad brush condemnations of the clerical support (undermanned and overworked as they are!) when I was a platoon sgt it was my responsibility to make sure that my platoon were correctly administered in all areas. To have served on as many OP tours and be a SNCO and not know about basic entitlements says more about the individual than it does about the clerical support.

    End of rant.
  15. I've been to wives briefings where the only thing you are told is to bring a letter signed by your partner if you have a problem with pay whilst they are away and that's the "financial" side of things. In fact they just told you a load of sh*te to be honest because most wives don't know whether it's right or wrong. Even the casualty info was bad as I am still waiting to hear if my husband is OK after a being involved in a serious road accident back in 1998 :lol:

    I guess it's like everything some capbadges have a good system in place for their personnel and some don't.