UN...changes afoot with Mr Ban Ki Moon

What's the take on changes to UN ( proposed), ' Faces questions on whether...relevant in a world that has become so divided among political, economic and ideological lines'....and the USA's influence (who else) on Ki Moon's appointment ? .....I'm thinking along lines of accountability, impartiality to national interests....? :?
If this isn't a new topic, apologises, didn't see it.
Name sounds like a pi55take. Similar to Bedwetting by Russ T Bedsprings or dieting by Anna Rexic. Just trying to think of something for Ban Ki Moon. How are people going to take him seriously with a name like that anyway. Its up there with Tony Blair and George Bush and "I'm alright" Jack Chirac.
Isn't the crux of the UN issue that, because of the P5 vetoes, it's only as good as its leading members? The Uniting for Peace provisio where (...I may be wrong on this!) it can be over-ruled is a pretty cumbersome process and one that can't serve to change the organisation.

Given that US, over Iraq, has shown it's prepared to act unilaterally outside the UN if it is likely to be opposed anyway, I wonder if any new US President isn't actually more significant for the operation of the UN than any new Secretary General.