Un British?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conco, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. This has been covered in many forums so far over the last week, but what I would like to know is what as the elected people members of the House of Commons will do to represent the majority of the people within the UK.

    TV and Radio have all suggested that up to two thirds of the population would vote against the wearing of the burka in public! So if this is so much of a public outcry then why will those within the commons not listen to the majority?

    We have had members of the House say it would be un British? What the hell does that mean apart from capitulation to a minority in our society? Come here and be part of our community and not where you came from. Yes we must listen but guess what this is Britain a land of many, but with a common purpose, we are British!

    I am not racist in any way, as I believe that everyone must have a right to choose. But when this goes against their own religion and is imposed by a minority within their own community then why not let them vote?

    Also why must motor cyclists take helmets off when they enter a public building when ladies wearing the burkas must not? Isn’t this discrimination on a separate level?

    Give those made to wear Burkas a choice to say NO!

    If that does not work then listen to us the Majority of British Citizens and say no to those we elect!
  2. Erm you cannot wear a hoodie in a lot of town centres so i don't see how this is any different from that.
  3. I can't think of an instance in history when 'British' was defined by the ordinary man. Certainly not the period when we were at our greatest.
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  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  5. I think Ill just start wearing one for a laugh
  6. Ban them? I'd like to make them compulsory for a significant percentage of the population.
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  7. Same reason as they don't listen to the 90% plus who would be in favour of abolishing taxation. There would be no significant benefit and it would hand islamo-nutters and human rights lawyers a stick with which to beat us.

    Yes you are. So am I. So is every other living thing. It's the "selfish gene". Billions of years of evolution have ensured that we are all motivated by self interest and we all show favouritism towards those who are genetically similar to ourselves. But acting in accordance with nature can't be conflated with the malicious persecution of minorities, unless you work in the anti-racism industry.

    That's an excellent point. There are two cases that I know of of men wearing burkas to disguise themselves while committing serious crimes. There is a strong case for banning the wearing of burkas indoors in shops, banks and airports or anywhere that you need to wear a photo ID badge. Allowing people to wear burkas while having their passports checked in airports is insanity.

    I understand that some universities ban students from covering their faces. They want to know that it's you sitting those exams and not some moonlighting PhD student.

    Outdoors, let folks do what they like, but let nobody be subject to the wrath of the Human Rights Commission if they put a "no burkas" sign on their shop door.

    Failing that, we must emulate the Jedi Knights and use next year's census to get 'Biker' classed as a religion. We can all walk about looking like The Stig and nobody will dare say a word.
  8. It's posts like the one above that make this site so good for current affairs.
  9. Oy! You don't get away with that. One case is a social issue for the residents in Elephant and Castle while the other is a Magna Carta thing.

    ...and Leicester, Bradford, Tipton etc.

    OK, I'll give you that it's distinctly Alien vs Predator in Tower Hamlets...
  10. But I'm not sure it happens. Don't the wearers have to go to a female-only check-point like they do in Egypt, for example? Certainly passport photos have to be taken with no face covering.
  11. *unless your place of worship happens to be a mosque
  12. Yet another aspect of that "thing" I continually refer to as "human nature" that must be accounted for (but is increasingly ignored or said to be irrelevant in our enlightened post-modern wisdom) in every policy or practice of government if we are to remain free.

    As to the "anti-racism" industry" can you use these fellows over in the UK perhaps?


  13. No thanks JJH, you can keep them.
    Just as an asides, why hasn't anybody topped that tit Obama yet? I'm sadly disapointed that there hasn't even been a credible effort.
  14. No and I sincerely hope that does not happen. Beyond the criminality of the thing, I mean look at the ridiculous (though carefully orchestrated) hysteria over the "tea party movement" being "racist" etc. etc. That would surely provide a "crisis" of sufficient moment to enable all sorts of emergency powers by the government no doubt aimed at its critics and opponents.
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