Good God

Jordanian Embassy
Water supplies
.and now the UN

What the hell kind of "resistance fighters" are these? Something is really not right here.

Condolences to the familes of the Field officers and staff lost in this nasty, cowardly and pointless attack.
Actually PtP, whilst nasty, I don't think Cowardly or Pointless apply at all.

It takes some guts to strap yourself into a massive bomb and drive it through a gate and into a building, even if you have been filled with some guff about hundreds of blonde birds with big tits welcoming you in heaven. It seems disingenuous to mock these people just because they are fanatical, and dismiss them. Likewise the Japanese in WWII, they may have been a nasty bunch (read The Rape of Nanking if you have any questions about this) but they were unquestionably brave and tough.

Also, Pointless??

Far from it. It is classic insurgency, it is aimed to raise the razor wire between the Iraqis and the rest of the world. The strategy here is to hope that the UN will now withdraw into compounds, and therefore have less interaction between themselves and the people. At the same time inevitably the Yanks will put more armour between them and the average Iraqi, which makes it easier for the insurgent to claim that they are just an occupying force.

Unfortunately this will also make ill disciplined soldiers more trigger and baton happy. And this in turn will simply drive the bulk of the population who are teetering straight into the enemy's hands.

We had support from the bulk of Northern Irish catholics in Ulster to start with but unfortunately allowed ourselves to be manipulated by the lunatics in Stormont into going in heavy in Catholic areas, and eventually in a single action a group of ill-disciplined soldiers drove the undecided Catholics into the arms of the Provisionals and the rest is history.

The answer in Iraq is to learn from the lessons of NI, and not to rise to the provocation but to keep on plugging away making peoples lives better whilst not isolating ourselves or exposing ourselves unnecessarily. Eventually the improvement in living standards will stifle the insurgency.
Yeah, I saw that coverage too. I think the Yanks have failed to appreciate that to your average Nut ball Islamic terrorist, they are just an extension of the Israeli Defence Force and a much softer target at that. Whilst the repressive regimes in Saudi and to a lesser extent Kuwait, Qatar etc. have protected their troops (to varying degrees) the chaos of Baghdad makes a great GI shooting gallery, for anyone with an AK or RPG and an understandable feeling of frustration at the US stance on Israel.

Unfortunately they need to weather it till they can bring some order to the chaos and can then start to weed out the foreign arabs who I am sure are largely behind this.

Not sure whether it was your article that mentioned the 3-way power struggle between Syria, Iran and Saudi, but thought that was a bloody good point.

It also means there's now no point in trying to get a UN flag on the whole job - they've been defined as part of the enemy now. I didn't know the point of the war on terrorism was to draw all the terrorists to where our troops are...
Oy El Pato! is that just a hint of anti-semetism I see there :? Given the sympathetic /apologist leanings of your previous posts I assume that you are what is called an 'Arabist' or more realistically the bane of British Foreign Policy :?:
I think he was just being honest and obvious. If you are being serious LWM, you've taken the bait. I think you're on the side of irony though. :?

Remember the Semites are not just the Jewish side of the coin. :wink:

Easy to brief you average Muslim fundamentalist though. America=Israeli lifeline= Justification to strap a crap load of C4 to your rib cage.

Don't think the septics will accept that in that region they will always be a target because of their 'slightly biased' foreign policy. Israel has been called the 51st state.
LWM, not anti-semitic, not anti anything really, very unbritish to be anti-stuff.

But you have to admit that Israel is basically the crux of most of what preoccupies the world today.

I am afraid that I have no answers. I suffer from an excess of empathy. I can see precisely why the Jews post-war (and almost a millenia of persecution before that) would like a homeland, but at the same time, within the last 50 years, millions of people have been disposessed, moved from their ancestral homes and put into squalid refugee camps.

I am afraid that I have a little sympathy for them. And let's be honest Israel isn't just asking for a homeland and to not be troubled. They are even today actively expanding their borders into what is left of Palestine.

The real problem we have is to find a resolution that doesn't involve the palestinians being driven all the way out by Israel or Israel being driven into the sea.

Oh and in case you think I am a lilly livered liberal I think that the Israeli response to suicide bombings (destruction of family homes) is an entirely appropriate response.

Talk to your average sceptic and you will get a surprised and genuinely hurt look when you explain that they are hated, feared and distrusted by almost all the arab world because of their conduct in Israel. They genuinely believe that they have been fair and even handed and that Israels creation was the most natural thing in the world.

Many of them don't even know that Hizb'ullah is a CIA creation!

I make no apologies for the people who blow themselves up, but when the Yanks wrote of the "Gooks" as brainwashed bandits who had no popular support they had already lost the war.

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