UN back on the offensive in the Congo

Fifty years after the first UN offensive in Katanga, an "intervention force" has been authorized to "neutralize and disarm" M23 rebels in the east of DR Congo:

United Nations News Centre - Security Council approves intervention force to target armed groups in DR Congo

The objectives of the new force – which will be based in North Kivu province in eastern DRC and total 3,069 peacekeepers – are to neutralize armed groups, reduce the threat they posed to State authority and civilian security and make space for stabilization activities.
Back in the Katangan intervention there was air support from Sweden ( Tunnans ) , India ( Canberras ) and even Iran ( the Shah sent a few F-86s ). This time they're deploying UAVs, according to AlJ:

Surveillance drones will be used to monitor the DR Congo's borders with neighbours accused of backing the rebels will be operating by July, according to UN officials.
UN approves DR Congo 'intervention brigade' - Africa - Al Jazeera English

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