Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by GENT, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys, I know i'm probably annoying you all by now, a lot of you would have seen me on here moaning about whether to join the royal marines or the army. I still don’t know. The thing I want to ask this time is;
    Is it worth going to a careers office and asking their advice? Or will their bias play too much of a part? Are there general armed forces recruiting offices that recruit for all three services? As the nearest one is specifically army.

    The things that are keeping me on the army are that I might try to get into the army air corps, but will this limit SF application, as I don’t wish to limit my prospects? Or the Int Corps. (Yes, I know two highly competitive fields.) Is it safer to just try and get into the marines for a combat role? As if I were to do combat, I would rather be in the marines than the army.

    Thanks guys, for putting up with me and for your help on past posts.

  2. In order:

    Yes, possibly, No.

    No, it depends on what you want?
  3. I Want something that i can take out of the forces into civvy street. Aviation and Int are obvious as a result. but i dont really want to to a combat infantry role with the army, i would rather do that with the marines. and i would like the oppertunity to at leas apply for selection into SF, would doing Int or Aviation limit that?

    (All at Officer level)

    PS, so it is worth talking to my local Army careers office about my perdicument?

  4. Learning to spell correctly may help methinks.
  5. Personally,(which means you can tell me to get stuffed if you like) i reckon you need to get yourself more information about both. Get as much bumf as you can and read through it. find out about EVERYTHING not just what shiny pamphlets tell you though.Look in the different sections of ARRSE. find out about trades,sports, traditions...they all go together in making regiments individual and therefore more attractive to different people

    Go into the AFCO and ask for information, not advice.(There is bound to be an element of bias if you ask for advice about choice of service/arm)

    When you have a full picture, you won't have to make a decision about army, marines, AAC or whatever, you will know deep down what you want to do. * Maybe you already do know but are trying to fish for wether its a "good," choice (i'm not saying this is the case...)

    Finally, I don't know where you are but the careers office in Birmingham has all three services in.

    Good luck,

  6. im in south wales mate, birmingham is a long way!
    thanks, im not sue as to how i go about getting that info... ive been souring these forums for a long time now, and am pretty confused. how do i get more info?

    my initial trend was owards the marines, but i also like the look of the Int corps, and would want to go into the army for that, the Air corps also looks great, and it would transfer into civilial life well, but both of these are highly competative, and i dont really want to be stuck in the army in a combat role if i fail.

    (are tri service careers offices refered to as "Armed Forces Caeers Offices" as there looks like theres one is swansea according to the yellow pages website. still quite a jorney (40 mins by train) for a chat with a careers guy that might not help)
  7. And yes, ok rockape, spelling is an issue, and always has been. but i have a fiew more years at colege and uni to work on it, will it impact that badly in commissioning.(spell checker helped with that...)
  8. Aaah, i was looking for something like that. Will bais still be an issue though?
  9. thanks buddy!
  10. Gent my friend,

    I think `college` has two letter l`s in it. I believe that `few` doesn`t have an `i` either.

    Check your spell checker and `Yes` I firmly believe that your spelling WILL impact on your application, but the best of luck anyway. Simple things like spelling mistakes can always be overcome with a bit of hard work. Crack on McDuff!
  11. Probably, it is Army only, be ok for info on AAC and Int anyways.
  12. Thanks, I am, and will be working on it. i only used it for "commissioning"
  13. thanks buddy
  14. Not being funny here, but this winds me up. Are you wanting to join up to enjoy the life the forces can offer, with all the ups and downs that goes along with it, or are you after a bit of a leg up into a higher paid civvy job? Are you planning a career or just some paid (by the taxpayer) training?

    If I heard this (if I was a recruiter) then I would NOT put you forward to be a pilot, or any such trade, as my thought would be 'why spend all this cash in training this person, only for them to bugger off and earn a bigger pay packet in a civvy job at our expense?'

    Apologies if I have the wrong end of the stick...