Umm How many carriers?

UK 'may keep both aircraft carriers' - Defence Management

The government is looking at the possibility of reversing plans to mothball one Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier, and could keep both of the new ships for the Royal Navy, it has been reported.

Last year's Strategic Defence and Security Review revealed plans to build and operate one carrier and keep a second at "extended readiness", effectively mothballed, in order to reduce costs.

The government has since said that only one carrier will be converted to use the Electro-magnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) and that it would likely be the second-in-class, HMS Prince of Wales.

Gerald Howarth, Minister for International Security Strategy, told the Portsmouth News that he hoped to reverse the decision in 2015.
Jam tomorrow - again?

Or maybe a cynically thrown bone to try and make us forget about all the other cuts.


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they need to come up with a way of getting libya to pay to have a few dozen typhoons on their soil so the money can be spent elsewhere - or have they not been tested in sandy conditions?

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