Um, is it me? What happened to the money?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MrTracey, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. I hear tales of C1 training, money not being added back despite the Govt's u turn, and Regional Bdes claiming poverty.

    Is Training back or not?

    Are Drill nights being paid, is the FOE being fulfilled, are we training again?

    (Dukey - please don't give me the DS solution - I am genuinely interested if the broad church of the TA has regained it's momentum or not - not whether the point section is holding the line (which I feel sure you were about to tell me that it is))

  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    My lot are moaning about sparse call ins (essential persons and mobilised only), same sort of attitude as when the money was gone and talk of people being signed off on MATTS they have yet to do to save cash. Although the Bounty kind of contradicts that theory.
  3. sounds like what I've heard...nothings changed
  4. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Of course not. It was simply Gordo the Unworthy trying to save another Gurkha - esque sh1t storm from making him look even more incompetent and unpopular (don't think thats actually possible). It's just spin, plain and simple. That money is gone.
  5. The money is supposed to be there but it will take a while to "staff" the changes again (am i cheeky to think that the staff work will take till april?), at the moment we are on two days plus week nights per month - one ex or two sundays. all the hold ups are at land not below.
  6. Two drill nights a month on the basis that they are for operationally relevant lessons. Recruit weekends continue. No Coy weekends till April. No Bn weekends. Most courses cancelled. Practically no MTDs for seniors unless they are instructing. We're Inf for the record.
  7. Gents

    Remember there is a load of SO2s SO1s and civil servants working hard to put everything right after Browns climbdown.The problem is there was no plan for after Oct, so there is actually no one running the TA at the moment.

    So could you all just soldier on in the meantime for no pay.
  8. Joking aside, that's probably about the sum of it.

  9. Or all those '*********' you refer to are trying to identify other ways to save the £20 million that Gordon decided you could have back. You'll probably find that due to all the cuts the regular army are dealing with no-one has been able to travel to the meetings in London to work out how give you the money back.
  10. Well we're running as normal (ish). Those whom haven't exceeded their 50 day limit are still being paid, we're still running drill nights as normal and the unit even has 1 training weekend per month. I would suggest it may be a problem with your brigade other than the TA in general.
  11. My regiment is back to normal with a 50 day MTD cap, which , seeing as the regiment has had no weekends since june, is not going to be too hard to achieve.
  12. Same with our unit. We are still paid tuesdays and one weekend a month.

    Well, i hit my 50 MTD's back in September so i've been soldiering on as C1 for the last 2 months. Heck, I might be on a 2 week course in Jan 2010.
  13. Isn't that the point??

    Some Brigades are doing it one way, others are doing it another....

    Consistency? Pah.

    Isn't time the TA was run as the 'TA' not some jumbled up mess dictated by different groups of people with different agendas and different perspectives/abilities?

    Wherefore the 'head of the TA'? Where is the central control, the central funding, the central delivery of a mission, the central esprit de corps, the central shaping of the organisation for the future?

    To paraphrase my learned friend - '*********'
  14. were on 2 nights a month and 1 weekend a month paid from Jan,

    BUT the weekend in decemeber which was a matts clear up and xmas social has changed to C1
    and the 2 extra other weekends in Jan-Apr have gone C1 and change to more exciting activitys,

    My camp this year is going to be C1 at best but there asking for exception for me otherwise i cant get my bount, which mr brown promised me?!....... hmmmm me thinks i might not be getting it some how
  15. Don't go bringing facts or logic into the TA Forum!

    Away with you - we've got uninfomed rants to be getting on with.