Um...I shaved a hole in my Beret

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dan909, Dec 28, 2009.

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  1. :roll:

    I decided the beret was getting a bit fluffy so took it for a shave, It diddnt go entirely to plan so heres a photo for your amusement:


    Does anybody know where to order a new one from off the internet? preferebly from someone you've used before.

    (Sorry if its posted in the wrong section, this was the most suitable place I could see)
  2. Try silvermans ! dopey git,lol !
  3. Go to : - You can order a beret with the green backing already stitched on. It took me 2 bastard hours to take my backing off my old beret and sew it onto my new one, just for some context for you.
  4. Cheers fella, couldnt believe it when I rinsed it off lol
  5. Silverman's tend to be a bit pricey. The "officer" ones with the blue silk lining are only about £12 I gather. NOt sure if these folks are worth a punt. They don't just supply Cadet stuff. they get mentioned on here quite a bit.:
  6. I ordered one of the silk lined berets from john bulls at catterick, Great service, arrived next day as well. I just ordered over the phone though!
  7. Re: Um...I shaved a hole in my Beret

    Prevert.... :wink:

    Let us know how the next parade goes....

    I'd call Silvermans or have a quiet 'umble word with
    the QM.
    Herbert Johnson used to do officer's berets,
    but standard issue was best imo.
  8. Thats perfect!


    Thanks alot.
  9. I was thinking of this, because that one, after I shaped it a few times became pretty tight.
  10. ha ha ha haa
  11. Man at Q&M, go and see him.
  12. show parade, show parade 'shun!!!
  13. Maybe you should order 2 just in case the shaving urge hits you again.