Ultra marathons - how to get started?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by brecon_billy, Dec 3, 2012.

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  1. Looking at getting into these ultra marathons as I need a new physical challenge and the thought of trogging along for 50/100 miles strangely appeals to me. Does anyone here have any advice on how best to get started (standing by for the usual just get out and run responses but hoping for something a bit more scientific than that!).

    Also is there a club or association for serving personnel that specialises in this and enters races?

    I'm an Infanteer with a fairly standard (military) level of fitness and pretty confident in the outdoors by myself. Cheers.

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  2. there are loads of events out there, just google away!

    this lot put on good events, let me know if you do any i shall be doing a few of them this year !
    its a very easy going bunch turn up join in! they shall be happy to see you
  3. Somewhere on here is a thread about this. Try looking on Runners World, or on online as there are several events that are good. Try FMoP as she knows some bits on Ultras
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  4. Try this link
    Run100s ("Run Hundreds") - A Not-For-Profit UltraRunning Corporation
  5. Tried one in Scotland late 90's with a mate, it's a very unique kind of punishment.

    I'll never forget a 29 Cdo full screw, short with a mega tache, 'beastie' Davies I think, a ******* monster of a distance runner.

    Go for it, it's worth it just for the feeling at the finishing point.
  6. I agree with blobmeister, read Born to Run its a great book about the subject. I think the most important thing you can get from it is you must enjoy running or its not going to work, once you get to a certain fitness level its all mental fitness.
  7. What does "running 50/100 miles strangely" actually mean and why would you find it more appealing than just running 50/100 miles ? ;-)

    Tiny is right, ANY endurance event is more mental than physical once you are fit enough to maintain some kind of rythmn. Although for me, i could run or cycle for hours no problem but have never been able to swim long distances more from a mental point of view than anything. Perhaps if I swam in lake rather than in a pool ......
  8. "The Ghost Runner" by John Tarrant is a good read on this subject.

    I run almost every day, but rarely more than 12 miles. It has always been the worst part of my day; I struggle to find a more boring, repetitive and uncomfortable activity. Although I enjoy the sense of physical fitness, and the feeling after thrashing myself for an hour or so.
  9. There's a name from the past. I saw John regularly in the early '70's punching out the miles around the Hereford and Brecon roads while never ever appreciating the man. This book enlightened me to him and his deeds. Owing to a 'professional' moment in a boxing fairground booth he was never accepted into the AAA as an 'amature'. A great injustice to a man who should have been properly recognised as one of our greatest 'ultra' distant athletes of his time.
  10. Outdoor Fitness great mag next issue out 02/01/13. Loads of varied challenging events covered.London-Brighton May 2013,
    Tough mudders look interesting.
  11. You'd might know my old man then Alec, he spent a lot of time training with John in Hereford.

    John also wrote an auto biography just before his untimely death, it's almost impossible to buy the book nowadays, but there's a battered old copy in the Library on Broad Street if you're interested.
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