ULTOC Summer Camp

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by one-one-delta, Jun 19, 2005.

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  1. Any1 got a clue were all the troops are going for special to arm the last couple of days?

    Are we already for another school outing? This year does feel like one long school trip will petty rules/incidents.
  2. Where's ULTOC? :?
  3. Guns are going to Larkhill for the entire second week
    Everyone else is doing the FTX then going on special to arm.
    RE will go somewhere with a Dems range
    RAC will probably head over to a near by regiment and get plasterd
    RLC will probably do smthg with helichoppers
    REME are going off to play with REME eqpt.
    Sigs will probably go off and visit a sig regt
    Infantry will go get beasted
  4. It could be like that house in Ypres. You know, "TOC H."

    Anyway, so what you're saying Orifice, is that the various troops will basically be going to a regiment that they are affiliated to? (i.e. Cav to Cav Regiment, Sigs to Sigs Regiment, etc.)
  5. Its what usually happens...
    Guns went to 5regt year before last and got plastered
    With swanton morley just down the road, I would be suprised if the RAC troop didn't go there...
    Then again they may just go and do some resse on stanta...
  6. Wah.
  7. nice one macks! never seen an online wah before. i thought RAC were off to Bovington orifice
  8. Does anyone know what's happening with our AT?
    I've heard rumours of volleyball, due to a lack of funds. :S
  9. That urine-up at 5regt in 2003 was nuts! God know's why I volunteered to be the first link in that mess bridging game.... I drank three times as much as everyone else cos the bloody thing kept collapsing!
    Well, at least it made the phys a bit more interesting the following morning!

    Happy days! :D
  10. Are you suprised?
  11. It was brutal, I have a minor amount of memory loss and a still unrecoverd PT shoe which prevented me from doing pt the following morning. I was so upset...
  12. sorry to be so trivial but can someone please confirm and explain the fancy dress themes to me!! there have been some worrying rumours flying around about ships and underwear...

  13. What you were wearing when the ship/sh*t went down.
    Hawaiin, shirt, shorts/short grass skirt, sandals and flowers
  14. Don't tell me it's another Hawaiian night for youse lot this year! Dear oh dear.... not much imagination gone into that now has it!!
    If that's the case, you can find some reasonably priced Hawaiian shirts in Topman. Careful though... you may need to wear your wrap around Oakleys cos they be bright!!!!

    Plus! I hope they have learn't from their mistakes at Annual Camp in 2003 when the bar was drunk dry by 2115hrs.... SinBin was not a happy teddy!


    p.s. orifice.... I gather you were on that jolly to 5regt then?? Can you remember a certain Officer Cadet leaving the block to answer the call of nature in the middle of the night never to return? Only to be found the next morning happily snoring away amongst a troop of bemused regs in the adjacent block!
    Anyway, was an interesting couple of days... dunno why I was on it mind seeing as I was in the Inf platoon! :?
  15. To not put too finer point on it I was wearing tweed, I can't remember who it was but have a good couple of ideas. It was a cracking evening much due to some barcadi breezers, which almost got me barred from that mess