Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GNR40, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. I have recently heard that a WO2 has been accepted for Commissioning but is holding MCM div to 'ransom' claiming that if he doesn't get the posting he wants he won't accept the job? Anybody any thoughts on squaddies dishing out the ultimatum? Part of me think 'Necky Git' and part thinks 'Lotta Bottle'
  2. Depends on whether or not they earnt the right to dish out the ultimation in my opinion! If its a time served person with a legitimate reason to be posted somewhere or to a particular unit then fair one. However if its some spotty faced herbert who is just out of phase 2 training and wants to be based near his/her girlfriend/boyfriend of 6 weeks then no! In fact if its the latter I would go out my way to get them posted as far away from where they want to be as possible!
  3. I know a guy who has delivered ultimatums his entire career, the number of times he has threaten to leave is ridiculous.

    The best was when he stamped his foot in front of his TC stating he will leave the army if he didn't get his motorbike course. Thing was though he would get wanted and his career has never been dented.

    I would like to point out that his is in fact a decent bloke and good at his job, just threw little tantrums every now and then. I suppose that's the key.
  4. Give him the posting...then short tour him...
  5. From what i know about the way the MCM is working now if he wont take the posting they wont give him the commision. And to right as well he should take the posting then on his second tour REQUEST to go where he wants.
  6. As soon as people start trying to pick their postings it only means that someone else is getting the s***e ones. By all means state your preferences and MCM should try to meet them but at the end of the day the army needs to send you where the army needs you.I'm sure if his ultimatum is give me the posting I want or I'll not take a commission the quick answer ought to be "What commission?" here's your posting.
  7. Fair point and I agree if you want the rank you have take the pain, however this is systematic of Gunner postings though where there is little turnround in postings, I know many a gunner complete their entire career in Larkhill (apart from Op Tours), one WO2 I know was panicking that he may have to leave the Garrison to pick up his RSM, but the thing is the guys did close to 20 yrs there, brought a house nearby, wife was in long time job (and a local I believe) kids in later part of education, although I don't condone the action, I can understand it.

    However I do have a question about this guy and his commission, does anyone know if they are being "stroppy" because they don't want to move, want to move back or is there something a bit more practical involved like he has dependents that needs specialist treatment and need to be near a certain hospital or perhaps in its a career thing, like if he takes this role he won't see past Captain but if he demands this role he has a path to Lt Col ?
  8. Good Point and I'm not sure? Like many a rumour there's always two sides to it I guess. I shall dig some more and try to enlighten the readers! Stay safe.......this is Gnr 40 live....from the big sand pit.
  9. Gnr 40

    Answer to that - one don’t commission WO2s

    If commissioning potential is identified early commission as a DE from the ranks

    If commissioning potential is identified late commission as an LE at 22 years

    - If he is that good as a WO2 why deny a Regt an excellent RSM or the school an excellent MG?

    This is MCM sending out mixed messages again

    Keep safe in the pit