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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jonwilly, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. From Telegraph Wed

    The Ministry of Defence has unveiled its latest weapon - Lucozade. The ministry has signed a £1.5 million contract for isotonic drinks to try to keep soldiers hydrated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Powdered Lucozade Sport in 24-hour ration packs, with the slogan "Combat your thirst", replaces the traditional dried lemon drink known unaffectionately as "screech".

  2. What?? But I loved Screech! Most people don't know that the reason it tastes a little bit odd is that it actually contains all the essential salts, i.e. exactly what you would find in a sachet of Diolaryte. It's great when your dehydrated after a hot sweaty CFT in July, or after a day of hard tabbing, patrolling, or sat in the back of an AFV in the beating Iraqi sunshine.

    Long live Screech. Lucozade may taste better, but it won't pick you up at the end of a long hot day like Screech does.
  3. Allowing for the production run and being held in storage, should hit the streets in about 5 years time....

  4. Erm , yes it will, I assume we are talking about the dehydrated lucozade you get for "before during and after" sports

    As long as they don't start issuing the gels we'll be okay
  5. Has it arrived yet?
  6. had them since last summer. Still some around but the chefs hog them and pick and choose who to give them too. No favers for the scoffhouse, then no lucazade - combat your thirst by water.
  7. No problem with Lucozade when I was out somewhere hot and nasty - except that guys were trying to take back bag loads in their MFO boxes at the end of the tour. The MPs doing the Op Plunder had great fun taking it out... but missed the porn and dodgy DVDs.
  8. I am sad to see that screech has passed. Whatever will the Army do next, scrap messtins? We'll be letting poofs in before long!
  9. Screech has passed? :eek: Too much ketchup??
  10. There's nothing wrong with Lucazade Sport. I got hooked on it on tour, even the powdered stuff tastes great in water. Don't try eating it dry though (no doubt someone will, and its not as bad as snorting screech), it does funny thing to your taste buds.
  11. NO, not that Screech! I think he is still playing Warblade in the stores.
  12. but be available on ebay in about 20mins labeled "SAS PARA COMBAT THIRST PREVENTER"
  13. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  14. Lucozade powder is ok when mixed with water and shoogled about a bit, but like was said earlier the gel is horrible
  15. sorry to tell you but mess tins are on the way out seemingly you are not aloud to eat off them or ally plates unless on exercise as you could get altsheimers or something spelt better