Ultimate Walt

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Tabemeister, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Dont worry look at the age of the uniforms he's one of those re-enactors.
  2. At least he got the uniform right and isn't FAT
  3. What do you mean AGE of that uniform that's the sort of kit I was issued, it's all fairly recent in my mind
  4. Needs some polish on those boots...
  5. He is clearly drunk in the LG uniform and as for the boots - eff?ng disgrace.
  6. At first I thought he might not be a walt as its possible for him to have served in the HCR as well as the RTR at some stage

    But then I remember seeing him in a para smock and beret once and even a space commanders uniform so I now have my doubts
  7. Yet to see him in a LOF "unifrom" (spelling intended)..
    So will reserve judgement until I see him selling Bling "campaign medals he bled for" on Ebay :)
  8. whats really scary is that most of were issued that sort of kit but it has all changed so quickly that it looks so old now aka "The Paras" TV series does look really dated
  9. He does have some fairly convincing scars. I will reserve judgement until I read his biography.
  10. My AM had an Argyll's uniform, complete with spats, kilt, hose and Glengarry. Many a happy hopur I spent with him lifting his kilt, twitching the oddly sensual rubber sporran out the way and watching him giving the good news to my sister's cindy doll. That poof "Paul" tried to cut in one time but a double tap from his Colt .45 pistol soon sorted the nonce out!
  11. looked like an old section commander we used to have
  12. Don't know about being the ultimate walt, but i have been in action with this man (see that one creep in?) on many ops. Apart from being multi-skilled, this soldier is uber nails. He could adapt to any situation...From stagging on for 3-4 days in dense undergrowth with moving a muscle, to HALO (and i mean very low opening if the damn chute failed !)
    The girls flocked around him, mainly blonde. Always had a knack of pulling the ones with dodgy haircuts though.....but, fair play to him, he always ended up bedding them !
    The icing on the cake was when i witnessed him trying to bail out of his armoured car when his driver took a wrong turn onto oncoming traffic on the A316 !! Debris everywhere, but the brave,brave man still came through unscathed......and made it back to base in time for dinner.

    I raise my glass to this man, we went through hell together....
  13. I think he was invalided out after his fingers went all shiny then fell off.

    He also had a nasty parachuting accident, where one of his legs broke off at the hip on landing.
  14. I'm sure he's the real thing after all he's got "gripping hands" and "eagle eyes" which is more than I have these days.