Ultimate Walt

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Breks, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. The ultimate Walt lives on my estate. This Walt claims to have been within spitting distance of Saddam Hussain on Desert Storm, ready to cut his throat. However as he tells it he was ordered to stand down. Not only this he has also served in NAM and has a tattoo to "prove" this. On rememberance day this Walt turns up with more bling than Kenny Everett! Obviously impressing people with an untraqined eye. Surely a public execution is the only solution?
  2. Estate ? Tell your gamekeeper to wind his neck in.
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  3. YOUR estate, you Pikey Walt. ^ never happened and for you to invent such utter shite I call a public execution on you. But do Remind me what bling Kenny everitt was famous for.
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  4. He means this, maybe...


  5. 1/10
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  6. You turd did you never see any of his sketches? The American General one where he wears medals that stretch out about 3ft Obviously not. Now quit walking round with the Stetson and cowboy boots on you fucking bottom feeding scum sucking pond life turd! Obviously you make up shit so you would automatically suggest I have. Don't put me in your fucking category. Estate yes the one I live on. But when yopu live in the hills and fuck sheep you wouldn't know what a housing estate is would you. Nob jockey.

  7. ....Let's round em up, stick em in a field, and bomb the bastards!!!!!
  8. Camberwell, that is exactly what I meant, thankyou.
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  9. Calm down calm down

    you boring cunt
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  10. Joey, --------------> Heres the exit, now jog on kid
  11. You cunt... seeing that picture means I will now spend the next 2 hrs looking up Kenny Everett clips on youtube instead of mowing the lawn. Thanks for causing the impending row with the Mrs when she gets in from her mates baby shower ... you utter utter twat. :)

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  12. Pictures of said walt would be an absolute bonus.
  13. That's what I was thinking.
  14. Well, I won't be able to get any this remembrance day as I will be in Afghan. Possibly standing outside his house with a camera may draw some attention to me. Any suggestions?