Ultimate Walt??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by expat_plod, May 9, 2011.

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  1. Is this guy the ultimate walt??

    Paul Grant | LinkedIn

    Anyone ever heard of the military order of the sword of england??
  2. Well he was a WO in the Loggys and has done loads of Charity work

    but isn't it strange that your first post is as a Walthunter????
  3. Ive looked at his website - wish someone would pay me to get pissed at weddings, good luck to the fella. Apart from saying hes done 24years he's hardly bigged it up has he? Why exactly is he a walt?
  4. Covered on arrse before http://www.arrse.co.uk/intelligence-cell/69355-legion-frontiersmen-ii-return-jedis-30.html

    Edited to remove my opinions. Its early and I'm my first cup of coffee after a night with not much sleep.
    Mssr Grant served his country with some distinction. What he does now seems a little odd to me...but if he's making a living as a Master of Ceromonies or whatever then good for him. The extra bling and so on seems a tad excessive but thats just IMHO.
  5. There are some inconsistencies. He claims to have worked for the company of saddlers on one site and the london livery company on another. The biggest give away is the legion of frontiersman. Thats a walt thing if anything is.
  6. Does it matter ?

    Is he hurting anyone or pretending to have done things he hasn't ?

    He'll have to up his game is he wants Shortt's title as Number 1 Cock !!
  7. I just rang a mate who knows him, reckons he's a top bloke for a LoF member, and a" must have" at a good piss up

  8. 12345678910
  9. well that cleared that up then, not really a walt! Long story why I asked about him will not bore you all with details.
  10. "The Worshipful Company of Saddlers" is the 25th ranked City of London livery company.
  11. He is/was a member here at one point. I met him at an ARRSE crawl in Ledenhall market in about 2005 & he's a top bloke.
  12. Oh but please do, we would love to know , not a bit boring it's a slow day