ultimate soldier challenge

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by monkfish40, May 15, 2013.

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  1. Downloaded this from Sky on demand. US army rangers v British special forces, turns out that according to the yanks the RAF regiment are special forces. Still, they did win in the end.
  2. Special needs possibly. The yanks they were up against must have been utter spackers.

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  3. Went searching on Sky listings for it, couldn't find it. I did see an ad for it though.
    Is Sky OD on t'internet only?

    Says loads about the US Rangers nowadays too.
  4. It was on History (or possibly Discovery) here last night.

    It did make me laugh that the RAF guys kept taking the piss out of the two Rangers because they were dwarves.
  5. Caught the last 10 minutes of this the other night, it's on H2 or what used to be the Mil History channel.

    It was ******* ****. Apparently Ultimate Soldiering consists of being in a team of two pepper potting across completely open terrain and ignoring all cover because the 'enemy' will in no circumstances actually hit you. Then you can offer some insights about how like Afghanistan it all is.

    To be fair though, the two Rockapes did just pose about trying to look cool in their Oakleys, so it was quite like Afghanistan.
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  6. Sky OD is available when you connect your HD box to your router.

    As for approaching over open ground they obviously saw the after action report on the attack at Camp Bastion and thought that if their colleagues can de-bus in the open, get medals and still be within 500 metres of a pizza hut, well, it's all good.

    There was nothing in the programme that showed any of the teams doing anything different to what line infantry units can do.