"Ultimate Soldier Challenge"

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by jaybee2786, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. All the Rangers need to do is venture more than 1500m from the FOB and they'll win.
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    Meet the contestants seems ok and available in the UK.

    Mikey Kay who seems to be one of the Brits was last seen drinking latte in the pillared hall of MB whilst working in Cap ALM so I guess that makes him qualified to represent the RAF Regt! At some point in the dim and distant past he may also have flown Pumas.

    Good bloke although the beard is a bit dodgy.
  5. All three links blocked on Copyright grounds.
  6. Nothing new regarding RAF Regt winning a mill's Skills run & organized by the Army.

    Exhibit B Me Lord

    Sore losers?
    Anyone care to comment on how an RAF Regiment Sniper team can win the Sniper Competition at Bisley this week, yet come second to a team they out shot because and I quote ' Its an Army competition'

    Sort of stupid that a team that was invited to compete can't win because they aren't in the Army. If you can't take real competition, don't invite outside sniper teams to compete.

    Maybe it should be renamed 'British Army Sniper Competition that can only be won by a second rate Army team who were outshot by a Crab sniper team'

    No doubt both times were a complete fluke, an anomaly that will not happen again this century :)
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  7. I still cant understand how these uber legends in their own bed spaces joined the RAF if they carp on about being a soldier so much.

    Why didn't they just join the Army in the first place?
  8. The thing is, a sniping competition at Bisley is exactly that. But well done to the crabs for shooting straight.